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Law of Attraction – Act Now! Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone!

The Law of Attraction – Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The Universe Likes Speed – Do not hesitate or procrastinate when you feel inspired to do something. When you feel the urge, tug or pull from the universe… when you feel inspired…. you must take action NOW.

Don’t wait to think it over.

When working with the law of attraction and manifesting, you are changing the world around you to fit what it is that you really desire. Change can be scary.

Often times people procrastinate when opportunity opens up outside of their comfort zone. Good or bad, people develop a comfort zone with what they already know.

If you are a used to things being a certain way, you know what to expect and you grow accustom to things being that way. If you want something better in life… something more than what you already have… then something has to change.

Given time, you will inevitably talk yourself out of doing the inspired action, because it is outside of your comfort zone.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool when you know how to use it. You are always in control and you will always have free will. Only by acting on your inspiration will you overcome your comfort zone and bring about change into your life.

Everyone wants something more from life…. everyone wants something that they do not currently possess…. yet no one wants to leave their comfort zone to possess their desires.

Realizing that your desires are outside of your comfort zone is a good start.

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