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Most Of Us Are Living Our Life’s Backwards

The Law of Attraction, as seen in the movie “The Secret”, and written about in dozens of books, teaches us that thoughts are changing and creating what happens to us in the world. If you thinking about how sick you are then you will be attracting more illness into your life. If you are thinking about abundance then you will attract abundance into your life.

It should be stated that the feelings associated with the thoughts are what cause the vibrations in your body and it is these vibrations that attract and repel everything in our universe. So the feelings that go along with the thoughts are what are most important.

So feeling abundant is more important than thinking about abundance. Thinking about someone else having abundance is not going to make you FEEL abundant and therefore your body will not vibrate at the level of abundance and you will NOT be attracting abundance into your life.

This comes as a great surprise to many people, but once you understand this concept you realize that you have been living your entire life backwards. You have been letting what happens outside of you create the feelings that you have inside of you.

Instead, we must focus all our attention on how we think and more importantly how we feel INSIDE of ourselves and that will change what we find OUTSIDE of ourselves.

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