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Millions Of People Fired Their Boss!

Forget apple pie, firing your boss may well be the American dream. I’ll never forget the day that I fired my boss in Dec 1999. That was a dream come true.

Back then working at home was fairly rare. I moved my entire family out of the big city and away from big city crime, to a small town where the air was clean and the cost of living was much less. In fact, I bought a four bedroom house for under $100,000, at a time when houses in the Seattle area were going for selling for $350,000.

According to national polls, I am not alone. Thousands of people are firing their boss and leaving their jobs to work from home. Fear of being downsized or outsourced has taken away the job security that flourished in the early 80’s. Gone are the days of large retirements and keeping a job for 30+ years.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2005, that the nation added 1 million self-employed business that year to reach a total of 18.6 million self employed people. 18.6 million!! Wow, I am certainly not alone.

It’s easy to see why, in the article I wrote: WHY I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME If you have a skill or a trade that is good enough to convenience a complete stranger to hire you and pay you by the hour at a “job”, then there is no reason you should not hire yourself.

If, for example, you work for a service industry, the customers are paying your boss more to have you perform the service and then he gives you some of his money. It certainly doesn’t take a genius to see how you could provide your services directly to the public.

I’ve done it all. I use to repair and build computers, but the competition from large companies became so invasive, that I decided to move on to other things. So I sold things on Ebay for a year and made a good amount of money, but the market became saturated with overseas products and I found that I had to work long hours on what use to be easy money. No big deal, I simply move on. I’m the boss, and I decide what I will do.

I found Coastal Vacations , work from home business that nearly anyone can do. What I really like about it, is that I am not “on my own”, for a change, but I am still my own boss. I can get all the training I need on a daily basis, but nothing is mandatory or forced on me, which is good because I have not been “told what to do” for seven years now!

When I interview people to see if I want to teach them how to work from home with Coastal Vacations the only thing that automatically rules them out is if they are not a people person. If you don’t like interacting with people, then this is not the home business for you. Everything else can be taught.

Whenever Ellie Drake has a work from home seminar, she always asks the audience “Raise you hand if you are making a 6 figure income working from home”. The amount of hands that go up are less than 10% of the audience, and the majority of that 10% all work at home with Coastal Vacations. That was enough to make me want to learn more.

Nothing lasts forever, including your job. If you want to fire your boss, your first step is to start working for yourself part time, and as your income grows so does your power to fire you boss. Happy Firing!

If you want to see if Coastal Vacations is the right home business for you, CLICK HERE. Your information will not be sold and I will contact you directly.

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