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Get a Free Shopping Spree at

Are you familiar with the new If not, you really need to take a look.

They may have began as an online bookstore, but they have grown into the worlds largest internet store.  They carry everything you can imagine, from clothes and apparel to high end electronics. They even have an online grocery store.

Not only do they have a bigger selection than my local walmart and costco combined, but has the best prices too.  Because of this I do the bulk of my christmas shopping on Amazon.

I bought my children Ipods on Amazon because they were cheaper than getting them directly from Apple.  I bought my wife’s Google Nexus 7 tablet through Amazon last year and saved nearly $80.

Amazon is good for all the little things too, from childrens toys to stocking stuffers.  They have great deals on makeup, perfumes and cologne or for the computer users out there they are a great place to find computer parts and upgrades.

Amazon.comis also famous for their customer reviews, so it is a great place to read what people who bought a product actually think about it BEFORE you buy the product.  I love that!

Now before you go off shopping at Amazon like me, be sure to check out this new site:

Spreeee is very simple to use.  Just register with your name and email (so they can contact you if you win) and then use their link to Amazon before you shop.  At the end of the year (Jan 1st actually) they will hold a drawing a the winner will get their entire shopping at reimbursed.

Yep, every penny you spend at Amazon you will get back.

Since I happen to be in a position where I am in the know (I worked with the development of this site) I can tell you that your odds of winning are VERY GOOD. Spreeee says your odds of winning are 1:1000 or better, but right now there are only 136 people signed up for so you have a 1 in 136 chance of winning!  (as of today, 11/26/2013)

So head over to first, and then use their link to enter Amazon and you might just get all your holiday shopping paid for by Spreeee!

Good luck,

John Derrick


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