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Inspirational Films by Spiritual Cinema Circle

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Take a moment to remember watching a movie that made you FEEL GOOD.

The kind of movie that touched you deeply and stuck with you weeks after watching it.

A movie like What The Bleep, The Secret, or King of California.

What if I told you that there were dozens of such movies….   And that you could have three of them on one DVD for free – Right Now.

Exciting Free Offer

To be honest with you, now that this newsletter’s readership has grown so large, I receive a lot of email requests asking me to look into hundreds of specific products. I get so many requests that I simply don’t have time to evaluate 90% of the products that people recommend.

But when Stephen Simon contacted me about Spiritual Cinema I knew that this was something I had to have for myself.

It’s a movie club that gives you the best of the worlds feel good movies.  The kind of movies that make you a better person…. make you feel good… and ultimately lead you to a more successful life.

Unlike NetFlix or Block Buster, you don’t even have to return these movies!  In this club, you actually get to keep every movie that you are sent.

If you use this special link now- you’ll get the first month of movies for free! (Yes, you do have to pay shipping.  You don’t expect the Post Office to deliver the mail for free do you?)

Just like any club, you can cancel your membership at any time.  No one is going to make you watch all these spiritually uplifting movies.

I love this idea!  You get to watch them AND You get to keep them.

That’s probably why people like Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra are already members.

Let’s face it, Hollywood doesn’t fund a lot of these types of movies, so it’s nice to find a club that is dedicated to exactly what I need to be watching to improve my happiness and sustain my positive outlook on life.

The timing couldn’t be better, since so many of us tend to get a bit gloomy & depressed during the long winter months we have ahead.

I hope you will join me in The Spiritual Cinema Circle.

John Derrick

PS – Steven, thanks for being a member of this newsletter.  I am honored to have you onboard.

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