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Free Images From I-Stock Photo

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As you browse around the internet you may notice that most websites use photo’s and art images on their web sites.

As a website owner (aka: webmaster) I am in constant need for stock photography. The easiest way for me to get royality free stock photos is to purchase them from a website, such as istockphoto.

While the prices are very cheap, I did find a fun way to get free images from I-Stock Photo.

Of course if you are a photographer you can upload your images here and get paid money each time your image is downloaded.

Click Here To Visit The Website

If you want to earn some free photo credits, play the Camera Hunt Game.

1) Click Here

2) Once there, the url will say “”…. you will want to change it to “”

3) You will now be asked to find the hidden istock camera logo in the photos. You win free credits for each logo that you find, and you can find up to 4 of them for 5 free credits.

Because the logo can be hard to find, I thought I would give you a little help.

Give up? Can’t find the pictures?Here are the 4 hidden logo’s for you.1.JPG




Enjoy your free istockphoto credits.

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