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Waaay Too Much Junk Email = Lost Emails?

Take a look at how many unread emails I have!  That’s almost two thousand emails in 3 days.

My Junk Folder is incredibly large with nearly forty thousand emails.  Even assuming that 99% of them really are spam, that means that 1% of them may be legitimate emails from people who have taken the time to reach me, but their email was lost to the dreaded spam filter.

So if 1% of the emails in that Junk folder are not junk, that means I may have lost 397 legitimate emails.

I simply don’t have time to read through forty thousand emails.  I’ll do my best to skim the subject lines.

The Best Way To Contact Me & Guarantee Your Message Is Not Lost To A Spam Filter, is to use my SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM.

I paid good money to have this system installed so that none of your important emails to me are ever lost.

So please, if you sent me a message and never heard back….  try using the support desk.

Yes, you can use it just to say “Hi John, love your newsletter”

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