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My New Condenser USB Microphone


This is my new microphone from Audio Technica.  The sound quality is supposed to rival studio mic’s, although I am sure experts would disagree.  To me, the sound quality is impressive.

I didn’t want to buy a mixer board or any other complicated stuff, so that fact that this condenser mic can plug directly into any computers USB port was a huge selling point for me.

Right now Amazon has this $249 microphone for an incredible deal…
(see here)

I would gladly have paid full price for this, but with Amazon’s huge sale it was incredibly easy on the wallet too.

Soon I will put together an audio with my answers to the VERY most asked questions…

I plan to spill my guts in a way that I have never done before… and most likely never will again…  about my past and the things that I have overcome, so that you can overcome similar things in your own life.

Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon,

– John Derrick

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