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Charles Manson in 2012

Charles Manson

Wednesday was was Charles Manson’s 11th parole hearing in California, and the 11th time he was denied parole.

California’s Board of Parole Hearings said in a statement that Manson, 72, “continues to pose an unreasonable danger to others and may still bring harm to anyone he would come in contact with.”
Manson is in California State Prison, Corcoran, 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles, which is home to some of the nation’s most infamous killers. He is kept in a protective housing unit that allows interactions with only 17 other inmates, including Sen. Robert Kennedy’s assassin and Sirhan Sirhan.

I jut thought it was funny, that his next parole hearing would be in 2012. So the year of Ascension is Manson’s next possible path to freedom. 😉

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