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This weeks question comes from Steve,

“How can I attract more money in this terrible economy?

The stock market is going lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.

I am told not to invest in stocks.  So I do not do that.  I am told my bank may be unsafe and I am afraid of keeping a lot of money in my bank.

All the news is dire so what can I do in this day and age?

———- John Derrick’s Reply ——————-

Hello Steve,

Without beating around the bush, my number one piece of advise is to turn off the news.  The news is always dire.

A student of mine is from the UK , and he once asked me how many people I knew which had been shot.    “SHOT?” I questioned.  He then informed me that everyday the news informs him of a new shooting that takes place here in the USA.

You see, because the news shows someone getting shot every day, he assumed that everyone in America is busy shooting up their towns every time they get upset.  In fact, the news made it sound like war torn Beirut to him.

Funny side note:  A very nice man opened a Lebanese restaurant here in my town, and inside it he had hung incredible pictures of beautiful skyscrapers and city lines all shot at sunset.  Striking photos with vivid colors and an incredibly clean looking,  almost futuristic,  city.  Imagine my surprise when he informed me that the pictures were taken of Beirut.  WOW, the media had me believing it was all war torn and shot up with cars on fire in the streets and people living in mud huts with straw roofs.

Things are never as bad as the media makes them seem.  For every shooting, there are a hundred stories they could run about people lending each other a helping hand, but those stories don’t run, because they make most of their money on misery.

The more dire the message, the more people tune in.  That’s just a fact of the business, and the more viewers they get, the more money they make.

Watch it every night and you’ll find yourself needing your next fix to find out how much worse things got while you were at work.

I find it interesting that many people are upset because the media tells them that they should be worried, but when you question them you find out that they are doing fine, they are just worried.

I don’t want to down play the people who are struggling out there.  My heart goes out to them, and so does my checkbook when I can afford to help those who are willing to help themselves…

But a friend of mine share a CNN poll with me, because he knows I don’t watch the news, and the poll showed that 96% of the people who took their poll were worried about the future of the economy.  85% were spending less as a result, but the amazing part was the 78% of them reported making the same or more money than last year at this time.

Keep in mind, those figures were emailed to me and I did not verify them, but I would say that it is pretty much in line with what I am seeing around me.  A lot of people who are doing well until the news informs them otherwise.

Yes, you may feel the need to be informed, but try to do it on a PERSONAL level.  Keep yourself informed about your company, for example, and don’t spend your time dwelling on the “maybes” and the “could happens”.

If you want to prosper, avoid negativity.

Surround yourself with positivity instead!  Watch positive and uplifting DVD’s, and listen to positive and inspiring CD’s.  Read positive, uplifting and empowering materials.

Be careful with what you allow yourself to be progrmamed with.

Here’s a tool you can use to program your subconscious mind for free.

Focus on what you want…. NOT on what you don’t want.

Remember, your goal is to create a positive “personal economy” for you… so focus on YOU.

There are a TON of opportunities out there just waiting for you.

We all become what we surround ourselves with…   so chose to surround yourself with the kind of people and things that are in alignment with your deepest desires.



Please keep in mind, I am not able to answer all questions sent to me.

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