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The Power of Momentum

Momentum is often over looked by people, but it is the most important indicator for life, sports and business.

Momentum gives you insight into where something is going, not just on where it has been.  You might look at someone who is broke and think “there sits a broke person”, but momentum tells you where that person is going.  If someone is broke now, but they are growing a business, or have started to work online and have new stream of income, then you know they will not be broke for long.  If they used to have it all, but lost everything and are sinking further and further into debt, then you know they are heading down even further.

Given the choice, I’d rather be poor, with momentum taking me towards riches, than be rich with momentum taking me towards becoming poor.

Momentum can be a hard thing to change, because it tends to keep the person or object heading in whichever direction the momentum is carrying you.

If you throw a ball, it has momentum in the direction that you threw it.  The odds of it changing directions on its own are ridiculously small.  It requires an outside force to to change the direction.  You could be super lucky and a giant gust of wind comes along and it changes the course, but that is not very likely.

People often wait for a gust of wind to come along in their own lives…  those people play the lottery and gamble on their future.  They hope that somehow something will come along and save them.  They over eat and don’t exercise hoping for a miracle pill to hit the market.  They have momentum in a direction they don’t like, and they hope something or someone will come along and change it for them.  It is not very likely that this will ever happen.

A thrown ball has momentum that can be easily stopped by someone catching it and the direction can be changed by throwing the ball once again, this time in a different direction.  Any of us can do this, but it takes ACTION.

So if ANY area of your life is heading in a direction you don’t like, it has momentum in that direction.  The sooner you stop it and change the direction the better, because the momentum will carry you further and further in that direction.  It would seem rather foolish to wait for someone or something to come along and change that momentum for you.  You will need to do it for yourself.



In 1980 the San Francisco 49ers were down 35 to 7 in a game against the New Orleans Saints.  Momentum had been with the Saints the entire first half of the game.  Joe Montana rallied his team during that half time.  When the 49ers took the field for the second half of that game, they were pumped up and ready to change the direction of that momentum.  The Saints were sitting high and they reportedly were lax during the half time and thought they had the game in the bag.

The third quarter of that game, Joe Montana ran for a touchdown and passed for two more.  The game was tied at 35 to 35 on a 4th quarter touchdown run by Lenvil Elliot and went into overtime.

NOW…  a tied game 35-35 in overtime, which team would you expect to win?

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I would bet on the team with the momentum.  The 49ers had the momentum, and they went on to win that game 38-35 by kicking a field goal.

Momentum is exciting!

Wayne Gretzky once said:

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is.
A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”



Wayne Gretzky understood momentum.

Would you rather be on a team that is behind in score, but quickly gaining on their opponent, or on the team that is ahead but has been losing ground and it about to be overcome?


The same thing applies to your own life!

Nothing in life is stagnant.  We are all heading somewhere different from where we are today.  Our money is either going up or going down, it never stays the same.  Our bodies are either getting better or getting worse, they never stay the same.  Our family relations are either getting better or they are getting worse.

I know it sounds simplistic, but think about this for a second.  If an area of your life is getting better, then keep doing whatever it is that you are doing because momentum will carry you further in that direction.

If an area of your life is getting worse, then you need to take action NOW, or else momentum will make it even worse down the road.

You are heading somewhere right now.  Somewhere you have never been.  Good or bad.

Only you can change it.


To Your Success,


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