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Brain Evolution (Coupon) 7 Day Sale!

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, then you know that I have been a HUGE fan of the Brain Evolution system.


Because it works.  Yes, they have all the scientific data and “proof”, but far more important than data is real world experience.  My experience and others are very much the same.

We all experience:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Less Need for Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Clearer thinking (no brain fog)

Those are the four main benefits that everyone I have spoken with who uses Brain Evolution gained.  Everyone will have a different list of benefits, but odds are these four things will be on your list.

Some people have experienced increased sex drive for example, but not everyone.  Some people have vivid dreams that they report to be wonderful, I did not.  Many people report having a deeper connection with loved ones.

The list goes on and on.  Who knows what additional benefits Brain Evolution will bring you?

The point is, the four key benefits above are more than enough to make it worthwhile to try Brain Evolution System for free.

The only downside to the program at all, is that it was pretty pricey.

It is definitely worth every penny to sleep less, have more energy and clearer thinking.  Most people will make more money just from sleeping less and having more energy.

But this week, and this week only, I have a coupon code that will save you a TON of cash.

Normally, this the Brain Evolution System is $297 to own.  With my coupon (when you use the discount link) you can get the entire system for just $100.   That’s a pretty hefty discount eh?

Here’s how to claim your special discount:

1) Use this link: and click to BUY

2) On the checkout page, click the link which says “If you have a voucher, click here”
(It is just above the order form.)

3) Enter your ONE-TIME discount code:    BE70199

You’ll then be redirected to a specially created discount page, offering you
the whole package for JUST $100.

If you’re feeling low on energy and inspiration, lift yourself out of your
mental inertia and reawaken your body’s most powerful asset, your brain,
once and for all!

Wishing you all the best of success,

– John Derrick


PS- This Sale ends Friday, so it is actually less than seven days since I am posting this on Tuesday.  Get it here.

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