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Not Everything Magically Goes Smooth Everyday

Just because I have used the Law of Attraction to drastically improve my life (read about it here) it doesn’t mean that I no longer have any challenges! What would the point of life be if there were no challenges for you?

This weekend I offered everyone a free subliminal video that is designed to super charge your confidence and attract money to you like a magnet. Overall I have to admit it was a huge success. Hundreds of people flocked to the website on Sunday and signed up for their free subliminal video. I enlisted the help from a company (jvmhosted) which is used to deliver digital products to customers. Even though I was giving it away for free, I needed a way to deliver it to people.

The problem appears to be that is not receiving emails sent by jvmhosted. What that means is that everyone who signed up for the free subliminal video and used a yahoo email account never received their email from jvmhosted with their free video.

So I spent a good deal of time on Mother’s Day personally helping people (via my support ticket system and through email).

I have to admit I was surprised at how a few people were very angry at not being able to download their free video. But once I promptly replied in a kind and courteous manner, their anger quickly disappeared. The vast majority of people were very understanding however…

In end, I would call it a huge success. Hundreds of people are now using this free subliminal video to improve their life. But it certainly did offer a challenge along the way.

Today’s challenge came to me as a nail in my foot. I could view it as a huge negative and complain about having to drive into town to get a tetanus shot…. instead I see it as a great excuse to not spend the entire day working in my office. I got to meet up with my wife and son and go to the park (why wait in the waiting room with all the sick people when you know it’s an hour wait?) and we had a great time skipping stones in the river. Later we met up again and went to lunch.

If I hadn’t got a nail in my foot today, I would have spent most of the day working on the launch of Your Wealth Course. Your Wealth Course is scheduled to open on May 14th…. So… If you want access to all of these products, you HAVE to sign up here in order to gain membership.

I don’t look on the bright side because I am unaware of the alternative. I do it because I have a choice on how to view my life and I choose to view it as happy and successful. In the end, it always is.

SIDE STORY: A friend of mine from high school always says this about me…

“You can fall in a pile of crap and come out smelling like a rose”

It is a bit crass…. but nonetheless there is a lesson in there. If I spent my life focused on and talking about the “crap” that happens, I would feel like I had a crappy life and I would create more crappy things to happen to me.     OR…       I can focus on how I always come out smelling like rose and how things always work out for me. Then I am creating a life that has the end result of things always working out and I feel like I have a successful and positive life.

I can’t imagine why anyone would choose the former when the later feels so much better.

Warmest Regards,

John Derrick

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