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The Law to Success – Review

lawtosuccessThe Law To Success Is Finally Here:


This is what you have been waiting for.

I was lucky enough to be able to get my copy of The Law to Success  last night, but you will have to wait until April 1st  at   10amPST or 1PM EST.

You can check to see if the doors are open yet using this link:

The Law to Success Doors Open?

When I saw the all the bonuses inside my jaw dropped!  I sat there scrolling through the bonuses one after another when I suddenly realized that my mouth hung wide open with a bit of drool forming on my lip…..

Joe Vitale and  Hew Len’s Dinner with the diving ($85 Value), John Seeley‘s Get Unstuck book (one of my favorites $27.95 Value), Bob Proctor Video Series ($97 Value), Iain Legg’s entire “Personal Development Success Library” ($218 Value), Morry Zelcovitch 6 Brain Entrainment Audio’s ($210 Value), David Wolfe’s The Best Day Ever – Attract Wealth Through Health ($47 Value), Henk J.M. Chram and Nicholas P. Kidd – 3 Revolutionary Teachings ($81 Value), Leslie Householder – The Jackrabbit Factor eCourse – The Fun and Entertaining path to Success ($39), Subliminal Mind Movies Made For Kids ($195 Value), David Gikandi – Discover The Inside Story About What’s Holding Your Dream Lifestyle Back ($69 Value), Winsome Coutts – Raising Happy Kids ($99 Value)….


Talk about shock and awe…

I mean seriously…  what kind of deal did Adrian Law have to make in order to give you all of those hugely successful and awe-inspiring bonuses?

Check this out:

Okay… the course itself….

The Law to Success

I was equally amazed with the course.  It covered everything I could imagine and a lot of stuff that I had never even thought of.  The kind of stuff the makes or breaks your success in life!


CD PACK 1 : Energy For Life
How To Increase Your Energy Immediately
Discover What Foods Give You Energy
Why Most People Don’t Have The Energy They Want
How To Transform Your Health In Minutes
The Single Most Important Way To Re-Charge Your Body
Discover The Real Impact That Water Has On Your Body
How To Minimize Heart Disease By 41%
Uncover Your Present Health Level In 5 Minutes
Which Exercises Give You The Most Energy
Discover The Benefits Of Working With Your Ideal Heart Rate
Take Part In The LTS 8 Day Health Challenge

Get It Now


CD PACK 2 : 3 Keys To Apply The Law Of Attraction
Discover What People Who Create What They Want, Do Differently
How The Cast Of The Secret Apply The 3 Keys
Receive 10 Ways To Be Present (In The Moment)
Learn How Your Mind Goes Against One Of The Keys
How To Get Clear On What You Want
What Every Person Is Looking For In A Loving Relationship Must Know
How To Ask Good Quality Questions
Learn One Strategy To Earn Over $2000 A Week
The Single Most Important Step To Attract Anything You Want In Your Life
Discover The Benefits Of Working With Your Ideal Heart Rate

Get It Now


CD PACK 3 : The Platinum Rule To Get Respect And Feel Important
The One Skill To Transform All Of Your Relationships
Discover The 4 Different Behavior Styles
Learn What Part Perception Plays In All Behavior
How To Communicate In Another Person’s Language
Understand your own strengths and weaknesses
Specifically What To Do To Get Others On Side & Performing
How To Identify Other Behavior Styles
What To Do And What Not To Do When Relating To The Other Styles
Identify Other Peoples Strengths And Weaknesses Quickly

Get It Now


CD PACK 4 : Relationship Mastery
Discover What’s Really Most Important To You In A Relationship
Get Very Clear On The Type Of Partner And Relationship You Want
Uncover Your Constructive And Limiting Beliefs Around Relationship
Understand What You Can And Can’t Control In Relationships
Why The Power Of Questions Will Transform Your Results Around All Your Relationships
Find Your Top Values And The Impact That Has On Your Relationships
How To Get Your Partner Interested In What You Like
The Single Most Important Factor In Having A Successful Relationship

Get It Now


CD PACK 5 : Discover Your Purpose
What Everyone Looking For Their Purpose Needs To Know
Learn How To Meditate
How To Write A Powerful Mission Statement
How To Write A Powerful Mission Statement
The Number 1 Key To Allow Great Gifts To Come To You
How To Enjoy Your Own Company
Discover The Secret To Enlightenment
The Ultimate Question To Ask To Find Your Purpose

Get It Now


CD PACK 6 : Leadership Mastery
How To Change Your Results Immediately
Discover How You Are Already A leader
How To Teach Others To Think For Themselves
What Effective Leadership Is
Uncover The Difference Between Managers & Who Are Real Leaders
Adrian Law’s Coaching Model Revealed

Get It Now


CD PACK 7 : The 8 Laws To People Productivity
Why You Have Time For Everything You Really Want To Do
What Influences Are Self And Others
The Difference Styles Of Processing Information
Discover Who Is The Most Interesting Person In Everyone You Meet
The 4 words That You Need To Drop From Your Vocabulary
How To Give Your Partner And Everyone Else Exactly What They Want
The Secret To Human Effectiveness
How To Get Others To See What You See
How To Become A Master Influencer
The Skill To Getting Others To Perform

Get It Now


CD PACK 8 : Money Magnet
Learn The Values Required To Be Wealthy
Discover What Money Really Is
The Number One Factor To Allow Money To Flow Into Your Life
Uncover Your Subconscious Charges Around Money
Learn The Physics Of Money In An Easy To Understand Format
How To Attract An Abundance Of Money Into Your Life
Gain 50 Reasons Why Having Money Would Improve Your Life
Eliminate Your Negative Beliefs Around Money
An Amazing And Simple Process To Re-Condition Your Self Talk
What Every Person Who Wants To Be Wealthy Must Know
Discover The 3 Rules Of Leveraging

Get It Now

As you can see, it is an amazing course.  This is EXACTLY what YOU need if you want master your life today.

Adrian’s own story is unique itself.  As the story goes, he was once at such a
low point, he actually stole TOILET PAPER from
bathrooms to save a few dollars.

NOW THAT is pretty LOW….  and humiliating….

But that’s not even the worse of it…   READ HERE

While Adrian may have been worse off than you are, it only took him a few short years to become a MILLIONAIRE!

This course, is EXACTLY how he did it….

and how you can do it too.

Instant Download Here

Here is how I rate this course:

Information: 9 out 10 The materials are very thorough and reveal everything you need to know to insure your own success
PRICE: 10 out of 10 The price is insane for the amount of materials you get.  The free bonuses are worth 10 times the price alone!
My Final Word This is the best deal I have ever seen for a complete life changing course.  The bonuses are so good that the course doesn’t even have to be great… but lucky for us the course itself is incredible.


– John Derrick

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