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11 Cent Sales

Newest 11 Cent Sales:

Manifesting Cards Course – Law of Attraction book from Your Secret Course…. others have paid as much as $349 for this information… now an 11 cent sale!

Eat Right To Feel Great – how adding this to your diet will turbo charge your energy, naturally… guaranteed.

High Gas Prices SOLVED – Put an extra $100 or more in your pocket…  if you drive a car, you NEED THIS!

What Are John Derrick’s World Famous 11 Cent Sale?

Hello loyal reader,

I am sure you already know how much I love helping others. I also love giving you incredible deals on the hottest items on the Internet. Members of this site and readers of my newsletter know that I give away a lot of items.

But what about items that for one reason or another I can NOT give away? What can I do then?

That is why I invented the 11 cent sale.

Most of you know that the number 11, and 11:11 have been following me for years. It’s everywhere I go, which is why I named my business eleven-eleven.

An 11 cent sale will start off at a ridiculously low price… perhaps .11 cents or $1.11… as low as I am legally allowed to sell the item for. Each time a person buys the item the price will increase 11cents.


All 11 cent sales will be announced to my mailing list first (sign up here) and will then be posted on this site. So YOU will be able to get the product at an insanely good price, because you will know about it LOOOoooong before the general public.

EXAMPLE – Let’s say I have a new ebook that has a retail of $37….. On an 11 cent sale, I start the product at $1.11. The first person will get the product for $1.11, but the second person will pay 11 cents more, so they will get the book at $1.22. After twenty people have purchased this book, the price will be $3.31. INSANELY LOW PRICES!!!

After 100 people have purchased the ebook, the price still would be $12.11, which is still a great deal, but nowhere near as good a deal as the first people got.

It’s a fun way for you to see how good a deal you can get. Of course those on my newsletter will get emails about each upcoming 11 cent sale, and they will get first crack at them. It’s my way of rewarding all of you for being in this with me. Self development is something best shared with others, and I am very pleased to share it with all of you.

So that is what an 11 cent sale is.

Warmest Regards,

John Derrick

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