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August, 2010

Staying Positive – Avoid This….

Staying positive for 7 day…. and only allowing positive thoughts, may be harder than it first appeared. This has made me aware of how many non-happy or non-positive thoughts I allow in my own daily routines. Here is one popular pitfall that should be avoided: Entertainment: I quit watching the nightly news years ago because …Continue reading

Only Positive (OP) with me for 7 days!

Join with me, and think ONLY POSITIVE thoughts for a week and you will be amazed by the results. Do you want want success….   health…  freedom…  and wealth… MORE than you want to think negatively? This is a serious question. How badly do you want positive change in your life? YES – The Secret Course …Continue reading

Just returned from Sedona AZ – A Very Spiritual Trip

For a long time I have felt drawn to visit Sedona Arizona, but I had no idea that Sedona was this awe inspiring. To be honest, these pictures do not do justice to the breath taking scenery. I had a wonderful time in Sedona, and to be honest with you it was hard for me …Continue reading