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The Magic “Weight Loss” Fat Buring Pill Has Finally Arrived

I was eating at Blimpie’s today, with my four year old, when two college age girls walked in. One was very slender, while the other had a tummy that was hanging over the front of her jeans. The heavier girl went up to the counter and ordered a 6 inch turkey sandwich, with no mayo, while the skinny girl went straight to the Baskin Robbins side of the store and ordered a double tall peanut-butter cup sundae, and afterwords she ate a foot long sandwich.

We all know someone who can eat 4 or 5 slices of pizza and top it off with an ice cream sundae, and yet remain as slim as a rail.

I know that each of these girls are creating their own realities, and that the law of attraction is in action here. What is going in inside is showing up on the outside, plain and simple. That is always the case, without exception.

So when you want to lose weight spiritually, you begin by changing the inner you. You go within and forgive yourself for everything you think you have done wrong and you forgive everyone else for what you think they have done wrong to you. You allow yourself to be healthy, which is what your body wants to do anyway, it takes effort by you to not be in alignment with health.

Keeping in mind that the physical world is a holographic illusion (See other articles of mine or watch this DVD : What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole (Three-Disc Special Edition) for a in depth description of this) and that everything you see outside of you is in fact a creation of yours from inside of you, you sometimes need what I call “a brain story”.

In the case of weight loss, the brain story may well be that a magic pill is invented and that it allows you to lose weight. The pill didn’t exist before, but it suddenly does today. And today, I would like to introduce to you the magic pill brain story.

Us scientists have created a drug that can switch on a gene inside the body which tells it to burn fat. This pill has already been deemed “the exercise pill”.

Turning on this switch activates the same fat-burning process that occurs during exercise. In the study, mice given the drug burned off fat, even when they did not exercise, and were resistant to weight gain despite a high-fat diet.

Enjoy your new brain story by reading the BBC News Article in Full – CLICK HERE.

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