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How Thoughts You didn’t Know You Had Are Running Your Life

Programming Your Subconscious Mind


You probably already know that your subconscious mind is programmed by your conscious mind. All it takes is repetition. The subconscious mind has no ability to judge. It takes everything on faith. Whatever it is programmed with it believes to be true.

If you believe that you must work hard to get ahead and you have held that belief over a long period of time, your subconscious is now programmed with that belief. Each time you visit that belief (repetition), it reinforces it into your subconscious mind.

The beauty of your conscious mind is that it can apply reason and change its mind. When you were a child you may have believed in Santa Clause. Every time you saw him on TV or in person or had an adult tell you about him, you programmed your subconscious mind with the belief that Santa Clause was real. Sometime later in your life you began to suspect that Santa Clause was not real. Your conscious mind was able to use reason and deduce that given the laws of time and physics it was pretty unlikely that Santa Clause existed.

Your conscious mind can completely change its mind from one moment to the next. At some point you decided that Santa is not real. That was that. Your conscious mind was sure that Santa was not real. But, your subconscious mind still believed in Santa because it had been programmed for years to think that way. It would take time before your subconscious mind would believe otherwise and it would require your conscious mind to reaffirm this new belief over and over again to program your subconscious mind to now accept as fact that Santa does not exist.

What’s my point?

My point is that for many of us the belief that we don’t deserve prosperity or health or even happiness has been programmed into our subconscious minds. Most likely this programming occurred at childhood, probably around the same time that we believed in Santa Clause. So here you are twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or perhaps more years later and you still have those beliefs in you.


Because unlike your false belief in Santa Clause, you did not RE-program your subconscious mind to dismiss these other beliefs. With the belief in Santa, you actively changed your mind you programmed your subconscious mind with repetition to change its belief. But have you done that with all the other beliefs that you were programmed with as a child?

Did You Hear Any Of These Growing Up?

Money doesn’t grow on trees, Life is hard, What are you stupid or something?, What a dummy!, You have to work hard to get by in this world!, Rich people are all criminals, Stop daydreaming! or any of the mean things that children say to each other. You may have been picked on or bullied by other children or even by adults. Your parents put a lot of their beliefs into you. Did you ever reprogram yourself to have the beliefs you want? If not, you can bet these beliefs from child hood are still there.

Most people just go through their life without thinking about what their subconscious mind is programmed with. That’s a huge mistake, because your conscious mind, even though it is not aware of it, is forming its conclusions every day based on what it pulls from the subconscious mind. If you were programmed to believe that you were lazy, for example, you may still hold this belief in the back of your mind even though you are not lazy at all. It is like the anorexic that is underweight and still thinks of himself/herself as fat.

The Law of Attraction Is Always Working

Now when you consider the fact that the law of attraction is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can understand why these things keep appearing into your reality that you consciously do not desire. Your subconscious mind is attracting to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your conscious mind can not compete unless you can hold a steady thought every minute you are awake and every minute you are asleep, and even then that would only cover one thought. Your mind is holding millions upon millions of beliefs.

If you want to master your life, you must reprogram your subconscious mind. To do this correctly, you must identify exactly what it is that you were programmed with (a belief in lack or a belief that you are bad, weak, dumb, undeserving, etc) and then you must use an affirmation that contradicts that currently held belief. Make sure you word your affirmation carefully and use the present tense when stating it. (Never I will or I want, but rather I Am or I have) The more feeling you can put into it the more power it will have. With time, and lots of repetition, you will completely erase the old programming that was put there and you will be able to install beliefs of your choosing; Beliefs that will help you rather than hurt you.

The fastest way I know of to reprogram your subconscious mind is with this advanced law of attraction course. The first eleven lessons will help you find all your negative beliefs, even if you are not aware of them. You will find them yourself and then you will learn how to use Manifesting Cards to super charge the law of attraction by combing five powerful law of attraction tools into one time saving method. You can read about it here: Your Secret Course

It’s a shame for anyone to live a life based on the beliefs of others. Make sure you live your own life and have a mind programmed with beliefs that support and nurture you and what you want to accomplish in your life.

Peace be with you,

John Derrick

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