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It is Okay to be Broke, But NEVER Be Poor!

Not having enough money at any particular time is a lot different than being poor.

Let me explain,

I have been broke in my past.  So broke in fact that I had to file for bankruptcy.  Sure, I was frustrated, but I never was poor.

You see, once I discovered the power of The Secret Course, I knew that I was rich long before the money showed up.

Being broke is a temporary state in which you have a temporary lack of money.

Being poor is a way of life.

Poor people believe they have bad luck…

they believe that life is hard….

they are often jealous, envious or even bitter towards people who have money…

and they expect to always be poor.

Your thoughts, your attitude, your expectation and even how and what you say to others are all creating your personal future.

Be sure you never fall into the “poor me” trap, and instead KNOW that you are rich.

So how do you feel rich when you don’t have any money?

There are a LOT of tips on this very site.  One of the best articles to make you feel rich, even if you are broke, is:    Odds Are, You Are Richer Than You Think!

More tips to feeling (and thereby becoming rich) can be found at:  Stop Wanting Start Having

They exact method that I used to go from lack and wanting to always having more than I need is The Secret Course.



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