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Odds Are, You Are Richer Than You Think!

goldI can’t speak for everyone who reads this, but odds are you are richer than you think.

With all the negative news about the economy, and people losing their jobs, there is a lot of fear out there right now, which is why I choose to look at my life from a slightly different angle…

I will use myself as an example here, but odds are you can apply 90% of what I am about to say to yourself as well.

I am richer than all the Kings in centuries past.   king_solomonKing Solomon never had a heated house like I do.  With all his wealth and power he never had wall to wall carpet, like I do.

The mighty Merlin, if he indeed existed, would be amazed at the magic box I have in my front room.  With this box I can see events from around the world.  Yes, I sit in total comfort on my soft couch while I watch my magical box that let’s me see a million actors and brings me news from every corner of the globe.

Great Rome in all its glory was proud to have public baths which were heated, while I take hot baths or showers in my own home everyday.  In fact, water both hot and cold are piped right into my house, in several locations even, and with a flip of a switch I can have hot or cold water in an instant, day or night.

The richest men in history’s past would collect books from around the world and build private libraries with all their wealth…. yet they would blush at how small their collection of information is when compared to what I can access on the internet.

Any question I want answered is just a few keystrokes away on the internet.  For a few dollars I can have a new book immediately sent to me from anywhere around the world.

usmailFor a few cents I can have messengers deliver a paper message of mine to the furthest reaches of my country, or for free I could send an email message to the furthest reaches of the entire planet.

I am immune to Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertusis, Hepatitis A and B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella, Polio, Meningitis and more…  because I was given a few shots as a child.  In fact, everyone I know is immune to most of these, and these diseases have been nearly wiped out from my nation.

My children are strong and healthy, and none of my three children nor my wife died in child birth, as was so common before modern medicine.

I can travel further than any king in a fraction of the time.  Thousands of men have paved all the roads ahead of me, making long distance travel fast, smooth and easy.  I can travel many times the speed of a horse while remaining in luxury, no bouncing up and down and I am completely protected from the elements.

Yes, I am so rich that I can board a plane and fly from one city to another at plane2gifspeeds no man in centuries past would dare to dream.

I am so rich that I have no shortage of food, in fact the problem I have is quite the opposite.  I have such an abundance of rich and tasty food flown in from around the world, but I must be careful to not to eat so much that I explode.

But even if I do eat so much that I become a rounder version of myself, I can still have people make me clothes that fit…  yes, I am truly rich.

Even the bed I sleep in would have made the richest men in history proud, it is soft and firm at the same time, and I sleep like a baby in it, on cotton sheets with a thread count higher than was ever possible in histories past.

cellphoneI can pick up a phone and call anyone nearly anywhere in the world, and I can keep this magical phone in my pocket and use invisible waves in the air to make these magical calls whenever I desire.

The air in my home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  I have a device to take dust out of the air and make it crisp and clean.  I can cook in my house without the need for fire, and I have a hood with vent that removes any smoke to the outside if smoke should occur.

When I sleep at night I have devices which monitor the air for smoke, and in case of a fire they will wake me up and warn me.  Of course if fire should occur, men will come rushing to my aid, day or night, and use giant hoses to put the fire out.

Yes, I am truly rich….

Not just because I am happy and in love with my wife.  Not just because my children love me as much as I love them or because they look up to me.

No…  I am physically rich….    Rich beyond the great Caesar himself ever was…

I even do what most rich people in the past have done, I forget how rich that I am and take my wealth for granite.  I forget how magical my life is and sometimes think about how I could have more…..

Not today… not right now….   Right now I am thankful for my vast wealth.

So was I wrong?   Are you richer than you imagined too?

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