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Rainy Day Money

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Do you have some rainy day money put away?

You know, money that you have set aside in a savings account, or safe deposit box or maybe in an old shoe box, that is there in case things go bad?

I use to do this all the time.  I would put some money away “just in case”.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I thought it was smart and prudent, but you know what…..

Every time I sat money aside with the intent of using it if something bad happened guess what happened?

Something bad happened.

So now I put “Sunny Day” money away with the intention that I will go and do something fun with it, like take a vacation.  It still feels good to know that you have extra money put aside, but now that the intention has changed, I take more vacations and do more fun things.

Life is all about the power of intention.

I intend to have a great day today and I hope you do too!

– John Derrick

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