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The Law of Attraction – How long does it take to work?

How long does it take to manifesting something using The Law of Attraction?
The universe (if that is the term that you are happy with) can deliver whatever it is that you desire to manifest into your life just as fast as you will allow it.

Sounds a little vague right?  But it’s true, and I’ll explain it to you very specifically.

If you think that something is harder for you to achieve, it will take longer for you to get.  It is YOU that is forcing the delay.  It is your belief.

That is why I suggest people start with something they consider small.  Whatever it is that you consider small and easy, that is the best place for you to begin.  IF you perceive it as easy and quick, you will be able to manifest it much quicker and that will build your confidence and allow you to advance.

You also want to make sure that you are putting more in than you are taking out.

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The Metaphorical Water Model

Allow me to illustrate these three factors for you in a manner that may make this concept clearer, using a metaphorical model.

We have no way of measuring how much vibrational energy it takes to manifest something, but for the sake of our metaphorical model, we will have to assign a number value.  The number is not meant to be an absolute; it is merely a representation for the purpose of this model.

You already know that you vibrate at many different frequencies, and this vibrational energy is what is sent out to the universe.  In our metaphor, we will use water to represent vibrational energy and a large container to represent the universe.

Say a man named Fred desired to manifest himself a new car.  Using our water metaphor, we assign the amount of water it will take to manifest Fred’s new car as 50 gallons of water.

Our hypothetical Fred believes that he can manifest this car and he feels grateful for already owning his new car.  Each time he uses the Manifesting with Gratitude Cards method, he is sending a cup of water out to the universe.

Again, these numbers are merely representational for the vibrational energy and they should not be taken literally.

Using this model, Fred will need to use the Manifesting Cards 800 times to fill our model 50-gallon barrel to the top, and thus manifest his dream car into reality.

If Fred uses the cards twice per day, once in the morning and once before bed, it will take him 400 days, or a little over a year, to manifest his new car.

Fred has taken our course and he knows that if he uses the Gratitude Cards more often, he will speed up the amount of time it takes to manifest his dream car.  Our friend Fred decides he is going to use the cards five times a day and now it will only take 160 days, or a little over 5 months to manifest.

As Fred goes along in life, he sees more and more proof that this manifesting stuff really works.  He has been manifesting smaller things for himself and so his belief has doubled.  He is sure his car is on the way and he imagines himself driving it every time he uses the Manifesting Cards.

Because Fred’s belief has doubled, he is now putting two cups of water into the barrel each time he uses the Manifesting cards, and he has now cut the amount of time required in half!  Using his cards five times a day it will now take our friend just 80 days, or a tad over two and a half months to manifest his dream car.

What if Fred develops doubts about his ability to manifest?  What if he begins to think that this isn’t going to work?  On those days, Fred would actually be taking water out of the 50-gallon barrel and he would be increasing the amount of time it takes to fill the barrel and manifest his new car.

If Fred had doubts everyday or a belief that he did not deserve a new car, he would be putting holes into the 50-gallon barrel and draining it as fast as or faster than he is able to fill it and thus making it nearly impossible to ever manifest his dream car.

I hope that this metaphorical model is able to give you an idea of how the process really works.  Although we have no way of measuring vibrational energy in exact numbers in real life, we do know that the more often you use the method, the quicker the results come.  Stronger feelings and beliefs also speeds up the manifesting process.

On the other hand, we know that if you have doubts or conflicting beliefs, then it will take longer for you to manifest your desires.  If your negativity, doubts and conflicting beliefs actually overpower your positive belief in manifesting, you will not be able to manifest what you desire at all.

In summary, the stronger the feeling and the more often you visit the feeling, the quicker you will manifest what you are feeling.

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