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Vision Boards, The Secret of getting exactly what you want in life is finally revealed!

A Vision Board, also known as a Dream Board, is one of the most powerful ways to put the law of Attraction to work for you. A Vision Board is a collage of words and pictures of the goals and dreams you want to attract in your life.

It is extremely important to use the exact image of what you want to attract, because whatever you put on your Vision Board will become part of your reality!

For example, if you want a specific kind of car, make sure it is exactly the type, model and color you desire.

To make a traditional Vision Board you will need a big piece of cardboard, scissors, glue and tons of magazines and newspapers. Go through the magazines & newspapers and search for images of what you desire in your life and cut them out. Personally, I found looking on the net and printing them out easier for me. Cut out the images and words and glue them on your cardboard.

For more power, add affirmations such as “I love driving my new car” or “I love swimming in my new pool”. This reinforces what you desire. NOTE: Always make an affirmation in the present tense… as if you already have that which you desire. As I say all over this site, it’s all about creating the feeling. I wrote an article on affirmations which can be READ HERE.

Hang your cardboard on the wall where you will see it on a regular basis. I hung mine on the wall directly opposite of my computer, so it is always in front of me while I work in my home office. You may want to put it up at your at your desk or in your bedroom or kitchen. Whatever works for you.

Look at it daily, and really FEEL as if you have already achieved the things on your Vision Board. Be thankful for having those things. Look at your Vision Board as often as possible with focused intent. It will amaze you as the things on your Vision Board start showing up in your life. Remember, you do not decide or plan how they will come, you just visualize already owning the things, and they will simply show up. This is great fun!

A Vision Board On Steroids!

The traditional vision board DOES WORK, but I have found a new high tech vision board that runs right on your computer.
This digital Vision Board has several advantages over the traditional Vision Board.

1) You don’t need to find a space to hang up your large cardboard Vision Board.
2) No messy glue or sticky fingers.
3) You can change it and update it anytime you want
4) No cutting out images required
5) You can create a Vision Board much much quicker than a traditional Vision Board
6) More effective in programming your subconscious
7) If you put in on a laptop, you can take your Vision Board with you everywhere you go!

Vision Board Software

Vision Board Software – Download It Today!

By looking at your Vision Board, at least once every day, you will manifest the life you truly desire!

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