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Way Beyond Law of Attraction – Nature of Reality

WARNING: I just want to warn you that this post is “way out there”.   This is not your normal law of attraction post.  In fact, this goes waaay beyond the Law of Attraction.

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It is an ancient belief that everything is connected.  Many philosophers have debated that nothing is real.  How can this be?

Even further “out there” is the belief that everything that appears to be external in your world is really internal in nature.  Does that mean that reality as we know it is nothing more than a projection of our minds?  It would imply that nothing really happens TO YOU, but rather that everything happens BY YOU, or because of you.

It’s a rather complicated subject, and as I warned you above it is very “out there” in nature.  But if you will open your mind for a moment, I think that a simple analogy will make this all much clearer.

Once you understand this, you will know:

How the law of attraction REALLY works

Why when you hurt others you are really hurting yourself

Why what is inside of you appears in the world outside of you…

and how judging others is really just you judging yourself.

How we are all connected and why nothing truly is separate, despite appearances.

Honestly, it will answer MANY of life’s biggest questions…  if you can just wrap you mind around this one concept.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at this HUGE CONCEPT using something that everyone is familiar with… dreaming while you sleep.  We’ll use a common dream that people can relate to….

Being chased is a common dream.   So I will create a dream of being chased so that we can take a look at it for what it really is.

—————–  BEGIN DREAM ——————————–

Imagine yourself having a dream where you are walking down a dark alley late at night.  Everything seems fine until you hear a sickening sound…   a sound that doesn’t belong in an empty alleyway.

Immediately all the hair stands up on the back of your neck.  You know that sound.  You have heard it hundreds of times in movies and on television…  it was the sound of a shotgun being pumped.

Nervously, you pick up your pace looking over your right shoulder to see a dark figure running toward you.

Your nerves scream…  a coldness runs from your head to your feet and you feel like your legs are about to give out… luckily they don’t and the next thing you know you are running as fast as you can down the alley, away from the dark figure.

You can hear a guttural grunting behind you.  He footsteps seem much faster than your own.  There is no doubt…  he is catching up quickly.

You turn the corner to your left and run headlong into a female police officer.  You fall to the ground, smashing your head onto the pavement.  You feel the sting of open flesh on your forehead.

The officer recognizes the horror on your face and immediately draws her gun.

Just then the dark figure turns the corner, with shotgun in hand.  Seeing the cop, his feet slide out from under him as he tries to stop.   As he falls backward his gun goes off into the air, breaking the silence of the night in a thunderous explosion that echoes off the walls of the buildings that make up the alley.

Three more gun shots ring out as the officer fires her hand gun at the dark figure.

Blood begins to pool around the dark figure.

You wake up in your bed covered in a cold sweat.

—————–  END DREAM ——————————–

What can we learn from this dream?
#1 was the dream real?

YES… the dream was 100% real, WHILE you had the dream.  The laws of the universe were in full effect.  There were consequences for your actions.  There were other people.  Everything was real  UNTIL YOU WOKE UP.

Once you woke up…  THEN you decided that the dream was not real.  The new state of being that you were experiencing was what you then defined as real.

#2 Who was the bad guy?

The dark figure was the bad guy in the dream.  He was chasing you.  He most likely wanted to kill you and you were not going to stick around long enough to find out.

#3 Who was the good guy?

The police officer that saved your life was the good guy.  OR good girl, as the case may be.  What a lucky break it was that you ran into her just in the nick of time.

#4 Who were you?

Duh!  You were the person being chased by the dark figure.  You ran into the police officer and she saved your life.

#5 Now answer questions #2, #3 and #4 AFTER waking up.

Now that you are awake, and you can see the dream for what it really was, you KNOW that NOTHING was what it seemed.

Who was the bad guy?  YOU were the bad guy.  You were also the police officer.  You were EVERYTHING in the dream.

During the dream, you were able to SOMEHOW separate your conscious mind from the rest of the dream, and you were able to limit your abilities.  In all honestly, you REALLY were unlimited in power.  You could have done ANYTHING, because you were the creator of the entire world.

You were the god of that universe, so to speak.  Because the entire dream took place inside a world that you created, there is nothing that you couldn’t do.  You could have created any scenario and been anyone you wanted.

Amazingly, you chose to create a single person, in this case the near victim of a crime, and you limited your perceptions and your abilities to that one single person.

BUT, even though you were not aware of it at the time, you were also the dark figure that was chasing what you thought was you.  You also created the police woman, even though you perceived them both as being outside of you.

Let’s face it, you created the alley, the buildings, the even the very ground that you walked upon.

You perceived EVERYTHING in the dream as being separate from you.  You thought you were limited in power.  You thought that everything was happening outside of you.

NONE of those things were true.

In fact, everything you thought was actually the opposite.

Now…  what are you going to think about this world…  when you wake up?

Have you ever heard that everything and everyone is connected?   If you meditate long enough and relax long enough to open your mind you may experience the feeling of being connected with everything in your environment.  From personal experience I can tell you that it’s not something you will ever forget in this lifetime.

How can everyone be connected?  How can I be everything and everything also be me?  How can I be the grass and insects and the people and the buildings and the planes…

How can things that appear to be outside of me… actually be taking place inside of me?

I think the dream analogy is one of the quickest ways to explain this.

This is how YOU are the creator of your universe.  How you and I are really one and the same, even though it doesn’t appear so in the here and now.

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