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Why A Garden Is Like The Law of Attraction

I enjoy working in my garden.  It never feels like work to me.

In the early spring I plant the seeds, knowing full well that later in the year I will be able to eat wonderful foods that came from my efforts.

So today, I was working in my garden, and I realized that the law of attraction is a lot like gardening.

When you want to have food in the garden, it all begins with a seed.  You then nourish and water the seed and it grows and grows until one day you find yourself with the fruits of your labor.

The seeds are like the seed of thought, and all things in life begin with thought.  Without the correct mindset…  without nourishing positive thoughts, you can not expect positive outcome.

Now, most people live life under the false assumption that things are random.  They have no idea what will appear in their life (or in their garden) and they hope that something good happens to grow.

They live on what ever they find, all the while not realizing that they are in charge of what grows.

Other people would walk into the garden and demand food in the spring.  “Where is the food?” they would ask.   They want things immediately and are disappointed when the food is not there before the seeds are planted.

These people don’t have time for seeds.  They are too busy.  So they go from garden to garden always hoping to find fruits and wanting to live on the seeds and fruits of others.

Someone who understand the law of attraction is like a master gardener.   They realize that the soil must be fertile  (the mind) and that they must plant the seeds of what they desire (specific positive thoughts) and then they nourish the seeds until they grow into what the gardener desired when he planted them (Manifesting).

The law of attraction is much like a garden.  The results do not happen over night.  Everything in your life was planted long ago.  Events are not random…  you have more control of things than you ever imagined.

So if things are happening in your life that you do not want, the master gardener would say you must pull your weeds.

Pull your weeds…  stop attracting what you do not desire.

You see, if you have a garden full of weeds, it is still your garden.  You allowed them to grow by not pulling them.

If you have a life full of things you do not desire, make changes today.  Pull your weeds and plant the seeds of what you truly desire.  Then nourish your seeds and watch them grow into your desires.

When I wrote the Secret Course I was not thinking of gardening, but Book I: (Harness The Power of The Law of Attraction) of the Secret course prepares your soil for planting.  It removes your weeds  and gets the soil ready for your new seeds. This is the base for the new garden that is to come.

Book II (The Manifesting Cards Method) is the instruction manual of sowing seeds.  It tells you how many seeds to sow, gives you the right seeds and the instructions to make sure your seeds grow up healthy and strong and as quickly as possible.  This is the growing book.

With both of these books, it is my belief that anyone can have a strong healthy life without weeds.



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