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Why People Live In The Past And Not The Present

We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.
-The Talmud

If you truly understand the Law of Attraction, then you understand that everything and everyone around you was attracted to you by vibrations. This truth requires more study than merely watching The Secret . The word vibration was removed from that movie on purpose because Rhonda Byrne thought that it would be “too out there”. She wanted mainstream acceptance and didn’t want to seem “to newagey” or have a hippy ring to it. What the Bleep Do We Know?

If you really want to learn how your “reality” is created, watch What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole (Three-Disc Special Edition Once you understand quantum physicis, you will realize the world we live in is nothing more than a hologram. It’s all made by reflection and refraction and our minds create and manipulate this hologram.

Boosting Loose From The Money Game Robert ScheinfeldRobert Scheinfeld goes much deeper into the hologram and explains how you and your higher self are in fact co-creating the world you live in.

Robert has been a personal teacher to me, and is a self made millionaire, more than once. Don’t let the title of this book fool you, the information in the book can be applied to money, but it also can be applied to everything in your life. You can use it to create more wealth, more love, happiness, material things, or even to create a soul mate or life partner. I have even used the information to make my children and family life go smoothly.

I know this article is assuming that you have a lot of information, which is why I reccomended the books and movies above. For that matter A Course in Miracles is also a great way to train your mind to realize that everything that you see, is a creation of yours. The course begins with this quote:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

You are not your body, it is a creation inside the hologram. You’re body is not real. You are real, but your body is not real. People can and do leave their bodies, but they live on. This is because the body is just a part of the holographic universe that is co-created by you and God, Higher-Self, The Universe, or whatever name you wish to give it. That which is, is. The name will not change it.

So, you can not be threatened. You can not be killed. Your body is not you. There is the peace of God. (God is the term the course uses, because the course uses Christian based terminology).

I certainly can not cover everything in this one article, but if you do the research, or hire a life coach, you will grasp the fact that you are the co-creator of everything in your world. Everything. The car you drive, the people around you, the house you live in, the money you have and every other detail in your world is a product of you co-creating it with your Higher-Self (or God, universe, whatever term you prefer.)

So everything you see today, is a result of what you created in your past. What you are creating today, at this very moment, has not arrived yet. If it has not arrived yet, you can not see it in the hologram we call our world. This is why people live in their past and not in the present.

Maybe, you have created a new life for yourself right now. In your present creation you are thinner and abundant in health. You are abundant in wealth. You drive your dream car and you own your dream house. Can your friends and family see this when they look at you? No! They only see your past.

Hold on to your present creations, however, and in time everyone will see what you have created. Time is the buffer for creation, but time is speeding up. As time continues to speed up as we near 2012, you will be able to create things and pop them into your hologram (the world we are living in) faster and faster.

So everything that you see, good or bad, was created in your past. Your present being and present creations are unseen in the hologram. Hold onto them and believe in them, vibrate at their frequency and sooner than you would imagine they will appear in this holographic world.

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