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Want to have a great day? Do This…

Here is a neat little trick that anyone can do to make their day…

and it is 100% free!

Close your eyes and search your mind for something that makes you happy.

Not something forced or something that SHOULD make you happy, but rather something that brings you pure joy.

You will know when you find it because when you think about it or imagine it, you will FEEL happy inside.

Now that you have found it, concentrate on it all day long.  Think about this happy place or happy person or happy thought all day long.

You’ll improve your day greatly.

HINT:  I find this works best with something you are looking forward to, but have not accomplished yet.

For example:  If you were expecting a baby, or a grandchild, this would be a very happy thought indeed, that has not arrived yet.

Another example:  If you have a goal for buying something large, like a house, then focus on the happy feeling of owning your new house.

When you do this, you will find that life’s little problems roll off your back easily and you’ll find yourself with a new spring in your step.

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