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The Irony of Disliking Change

On a survey that I emailed out to the people who I have coached, most of them admitted that they do not like change.  When asked why they do not like change, the general answer (it was a write in) is that change takes you into unknown territory and that the unknown is scary.

On one hand, this does make sense, but you have to see the irony here.

Every person who took this survey was not happy with where they were in life ( if they were they would not have sought to improve their lives with my coaching or by using a moralproduct) and yet they were afraid to change.

IF you are NOT satisfied with your current life, then you HAVE TO CHANGE.

The only other option to change is stagnation and keeping things the way they are, which is never an option because:

1) Nothing says the same for long.  Everything in life has a beginning and an end, and everything that happens in between is constantly changing.

2) Change is exactly what you want if you hare unhappy.

If you desire to live in a better house, this would require change.  If you wanted more money, then it will require you to change SOMETHING in your life, even if it is as simple as making room for more money.  If you want a happy relationship and you don’t have one right now, then guess what?  That requires change.

Change can be good or bad, so you might as well plan ahead and start working on yourself today to have a better tomorrow.

Wishing you the best in changes for the holiday season,

– John Derrick



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