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An Amazing Experience, At The Movies Of All Places!

SpiritualI was at the movies on Saturday when I had a profound experience.  The feelings were so strong and moving I don’t know how to convey them with mere words, but I will try.  I want to share this with you.

I was watching the movie and the main actor was in a struggle.  It was an emotional scene.  A scene filled with drama and I was feeling tense for the actor.  Suddenly I became aware of the fact that I was tense despite the fact that *I* was perfectly safe.  I was feeling the actor’s pain and going through the drama that he was portraying up on the big screen.  Somehow I had lost awareness of who I really was.  I was drawn into a pretend world and was experiencing fear when in reality I was perfectly safe.  I knew I could not be harmed by the movie, yet I had forgotten that somehow.

My perspective shifted and I could see myself watching the drama on the screen.  I could see the drama and observe the struggle of the actor without feeling the drama myself.  It was a dramatic shift, but it certainly didn’t end there.
I then realized that the actor also knew that he was pretending and that he was perfectly safe.  In order for him to act out his part, however, he had to actually allow himself to feel the drama.  He had become lost in the role himself and was feeling and experiencing the drama of something that was not real.

My consciousness then shifted back even further and I could see who I really am… a spiritual being… who was always perfectly safe.  Deep down I had always known this.  I had been drawn into the illusion we call life in much the same way the actor had been drawn into the movie.   I was relating more with the actor, my physical body, rather than the eternal spiritual self that I really am.

In that moment I knew myself.  I truly knew the entirety of me.  (I am getting goosebumps right now as I type this!).

My perspective shifted back even further and I could see my body in the theatre watching the movie.  My body was just an actor in a movie and I knew that I was not my body.  I had allowed myself to believe that I was the body for so long that I had forgotten who I really was.  I felt all the drama of the body and I believed it was real.  I believed I was not safe.

Time slowed down.  I was truly in the moment.  I felt at one with everyone in the theater.  I was at one with everything.   I could feel everything that was going on simultaneously.  A girl talking on a cell phone,  a couple cuddling,  a woman fixing her earring, a man who was gripping the arms of his seat.  I felt them all not as if they were separate from me, but as if I were all of them.  My perspective was not through my eyes or ears… it was as if I was everything in the movie.

And in the midst of this terribly sad scene on the movie…..  a scene where a tear fell down the actors cheek….
… I burst into laughter.

The idea that I had believed that I was nothing more than a body, and all the levels of deception it took to make me believe this experience was real…..  That was truly funny to me.

My higher-self or soul, or spiritual body, or whatever you want to call it…  It was having a grand old laugh at what a great game it is that it is playing.  A truly great game.

It was an amazing moment in my life.  I left that movie a different person.   I am so grateful for this path that I am on.  I am so grateful for that wonderful experience.

WOW.  That’s all I can say.  WOW.

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