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Stop Self Sabotage


How do you know if you have been sabotaging your own success?

Here are 3 things to watch for:

1) Focus

Self Sabotaging behavior will draw your focus away from what is important, and what brings you success and instead will draw your attention to everything that is wrong.  This includes seeing what does not work, what is not right and what you are missing.

Quick Fix – Make a list of everything that is RIGHT in your life and focus on what brings you success.  Keep your focus on things that improve your odds of success.


2) Living In The Past

A sure sign of self sabotage is dwelling on the past, especially on what could have been.  The past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it.  Dwelling on the past, good or bad, is not living in the present, and it stops you from achieving your goals today.

Quick Fix – If you have a failure (or a series of failures) that you are dwelling on, stop it.  Let it go.  It is time to move on.  If you can’t let go of your past, you can never achieve success in the present.  The first book of The Secret Course covers this in depth and gives you a method of letting go.  You MUST get out of the past before you can accomplish anything new in your life.

Accept that failure is part of success.  Every successful person has failed in their past.  If you can learn from your failures and move on, you are on the path of success.


3)  Worrying

If you are worrying about things that may happen, you are self sabotaging your chances for success.

Quick Fix – If something is bothering you then you need to find a solution and focus on that solution.  There is never a need to worry, only opportunity to find solutions.

If it is something completely out of your control and is not something you can do anything about, then worrying about it will not do you any good.  In this case, learn to let it go.  Stop worrying and instead live in the present.


It is hard to self sabotage when you are focused on everything that is right in the present moment.


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