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Top 10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

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Most people find it hard to become motivated enough to achieve the goals they have set.

The key to successful goal setting is your ability to motivate yourself and stay focused until you have achieved your goals.

If you set a goal, and continually make progress towards your goal, you have to achieve it. It’s that simple.

Top 10 ways you can motivate yourself…. and stay motivated.

1. Visualize your future success and feel what you will experience when you achieve your goals. Feel it in the “now”. Don’t project it as a future event.

2. Set a target for the amount of effort you will put in daily to achieve your goals. As long as you move toward your goal daily, it is only a matter of time before you achieve it.

3. Set mini goals along the way to your main goal. Each of these mini achievements is cause to celebrate. They will motivate you further and help push you toward your final goal.

4. Prioritize each task that you must achieve. It’s easy to waste time on meaningless tasks when you could be spending it on the much needed tasks.

5. Affirm yourself daily to remind yourself of your capability at reaching your goals. I found This Software really helps when using affirmations. Affirmation Software is really easy to use!

6. Always focus on the positive achievements and ignore the negatives. You want to keep your mind on everything that is going right so that you continue to create more of that. Don’t dwell on the set backs.

7. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Each mistake is a lesson learned on the way to success. There is not need to punish yourself for making mistakes. Mistakes are your greatest learning experiences… learn from them and then move on.

8. Train yourself to finish what you have started and refuse to quit till you achieve it. It is better to have one project or one goal 100% completed than it is to have 3 goals each 33% completed. Focus is the key here. Stay on target.

9. Always strive to do better than you have done in your past. The only person you are competing with is you. As long as you are always improving, you are winning.

10. Get an outside point of view. Not just anyone will do here. Find someone who has already achieved what you desire in life and hire them as a mentor…. or join a group of like minded people who can further your knowledge and success in your area. Nearly all successful people have someone or some group that they go to for motivation, support and an outside opinion.

This doesn’t mean you should listen to friends and family. Most of the time they will offer a negative opinion to anything you desire to achieve if they have no already achieved it. That is why you want to find an individual or a group who has already achieved some degree of success.

To those who say motivation does not work, please read this past article of mine: Motivational Stuff Doesn’t Work!” – Yes It Does!

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