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Positive Thinking In Spring

An optimist is the human personification of spring.

-Susan J. Bissonette

It is March 29th… spring has sprung… and yet as I type this I look out my office window to see snow on the ground. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have been hit with a snow storm.

No one expects it to last. Hope springs eternal and the expectation held by all is for warmer weather to come.

If everything were the same outside, but the calendar showed the month as December, the human perception of the day would be considerably different. Instead of expecting warm weather to come one would wonder how much more snow we should expect. The day would be the same… only the human perception of it would be different.

That example illustrates the vast difference between being an optimist and pessimist. The outside would is viewed very differently based on how you interpret the data.

It is the difference between seeing an event as beautiful or ugly….. Half empty or half full…… Young and vibrant or old and tired. ….. It is the difference between enjoying your life or dreading your life.

Nothing is more important than developing a positive attitude, because it affects every aspect of your life.

You Can Think Positive

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