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February, 2008

Discover Why The Law of Attraction Is Not Working For Most People

I apologize if these words seem a bit harsh, but I think you deserve the truth. There seems to be a new trend emerging in the field of the Law of Attraction. The trend goes something like this: “Dear John, I have been thinking about [insert thing of desire here] every night for 3 weeks …Continue reading

Vitamineral Green – Super Food – Best Price.

I have been using Vitamineral Green for the last few months and I can tell you for a fact… this stuff is amazing! It would seem logical that if you ate a healthy and balanced diet, you would not need additional vitamins or minerals. The problem is that most of us do not eat an …Continue reading

Compassion Cures Most Problems!

Nearly every major problem that afflicts our population as a whole, can be viewed as a problem caused by over population. There are simply too many people. Pesticides , food additives and preservatives, none of those would be needed if we didn’t have such a large population to feed, spread out over such a large …Continue reading

Discover The Secret To Long Life… Live Beyond Your 100th Birthday!

Life is a wonderful adventure and I for one am not ready to step off this planet any time soon. In fact, I see no reason why you and I can not live to see our 100th birthdays. Join me in me quest to become a Centenarian! A centenarian is a person who has attained …Continue reading

Consumer Warning: Avoid Obopay

Just a warning to all my loyal readers: . Obopay is a new company who claims you can use any mobile phone to get, send or spend money. They want to be the cellphone version of eBay owned Paypal. WARNING: Read The Small Print… …weekly because it changes! When I signed up with Obopay they …Continue reading

Free Images From I-Stock Photo

As you browse around the internet you may notice that most websites use photo’s and art images on their web sites. As a website owner (aka: webmaster) I am in constant need for stock photography. The easiest way for me to get royality free stock photos is to purchase them from a website, such as …Continue reading

Worrying Away Your Prosperity and Abundance

There is no reason why you should spend a single minute of your time worrying. Nothing good can come from it. It may seem natural to worry occasionally, when difficult situations arise… but some people worry often, usually focusing on a specific area of their life, such as health, a relationship, children, or money. Worse …Continue reading

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