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September, 2008

Hard To Believe Law of Attraction – True Story

The Law of Attraction Can Work In Strange Ways! Take what just happened to me for example…. Last week I found myself in Lowe’s hardware store shopping for a new garden hose.  I didn’t want a flimsy 5/8 inch hose either, I wanted a 3/4 inch industrial quality hose.  One that I knew would stand …Continue reading

A Lesson in The Law of Attraction From A 9 Year Old!

My 9 Year Old Teaches All of Us A Lesson In The Law of Attraction As a parent, I have learned a lot about life from my three children.  This Saturday, my nine year old son, Logan, showed me the difference in thinking between children and adults. It was a HUGE lesson for me… and …Continue reading

Your Habits Determine Your Success And Failures In Life

It could be said that your successes and failures in life depend upon this one thing. Your Habits! As you sit and read this, everything about you has been created by yesterday’s habits. No, I am not talking about bad habits such as smoking.  I am talking about the habits that make up everyday life.  …Continue reading