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Your Habits Determine Your Success And Failures In Life

It could be said that your successes and failures in life depend upon this one thing.

Your Habits!

As you sit and read this, everything about you has been created by yesterday’s habits.

No, I am not talking about bad habits such as smoking.  I am talking about the habits that make up everyday life.  For example, if you go to bed about the same time each night, then when you go to bed has become a habit.

Truth be told….  You are a collection of habits.

Are you overweight?  Unhealthy?  Low in energy?  Then most likely you have a habit of eating unhealthy foods.  Eating Healthy can be easy and fun….  and even though it is only a small part of your life, it can have drastic changes, such as:  Weight Loss, Increased Energy, quicker healing, less illnesses, younger looking hair and skin, and reversing a whole slew of problems extra weight can cause.

Eating bad foods are not a problem.  You can eat Pizza and ice cream….  it’s the habit of eating poorly that IS the problem.  If you have a habit of eating healthy and only eat pizza on occasion, then pizza will not be a problem.   (Unless of course you decide to go off dairy completely like me)

Habits can work for you… or they can work against you.  Eating healthy is obviously one habit that works for you.

Thinking Positively is another great habit.  I was raised in a household of extremely negative people.  It has taken me many years to develop a positive outlook on life.

I promise you, positive thinking is a habit that will benefit you tremendously.  Not only will your health improve (lower blood pressure and lower risks for many diseases), but you will enjoy life more.

Of course, the Law of Attraction works IN PART on positive thinking as well.

The best positive habit I have is my daily use of the Manifesting Cards.  This habit actively shapes my life each day.  Sure, it only takes a few minutes twice a day, but it keeps my mind focused and it gets me what I want.  Every single time.  Without fail.

I used to be a drinker in my early twenties.  It was a habit that I gave up.  Do I still drink?  On occasion I do.  I gave up the habit, but I don’t tell myself I can’t have a drink.

In fact, if I try to tell myself I can’t have something, I find myself wanting it even more.  So I never forbid anything that I enjoy.  I merely remove the habit of its use if it is not beneficial.

Many people fail because they forbid themselves things…  such as the foods you enjoy.  It’s not the food…  it is the habit of eating that food (if it’s bad for you) that is the problem.

HINT: When you make a habit out of eating healthy, you will find yourself enjoying the flavor of healthy foods.  (Take a look at this Cookbook as an example)

This line of thinking can be applied to any part of your life.  If you want something, set up a habit that brings you closer to having what it is that you want.

If you want to shed fat, set up a habit of cutting a few calories.  Or perhaps create a habit of exercise.  (Nothing is stopping you from doing both.)

A great way to improve you life is to identify your habits and find which habits work for you and which habits work against you.  Once you know, you can adjust your habits by making small changes in your daily life, and in the end you will be rewarded with HUGE positive changes.

Seriously consider getting Manifesting Cards if you have not already.  It will help you create positive habits and help you focus on what is important to you in your life.  Then you can attract what you want in just minutes each day.

My Secret Course includes Manifesting Cards, and a slew of other Law of Attraction books that have the power to transform your life from where you are stuck today — to where you really want to be.

In the end, who you are comes down to how you have been acting and thinking in the past… and that is completely defined by your habits.

So go on and do what you can to create a life filled with healthy, happy and money making habits!

Best Wishes,

John Derrick

PS – Just about anything in excess can become a bad habit.  Even something as harmless as video games can take over your life.  The key is to find a balance.

PPS – When you are having that glass of wine, or drinking that beer, or eating a slice of pizza.  ENJOY YOURSELF.  Don’t feel guilty.  If it’s not a habit, it should be enjoyed to its fullest!

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