Shocking Dairy Detox – This will blow your mind!

I am not a vegan… and not a vegetarian. I don’t have any strange eating habits except that I do like to eat foods that make me feel good and foods that give me abundant energy.

But I have been a milk drinking, cheese eating dairy lover since I was a small child. I grew up drinking milk every single day in my breakfast cereal and as a snack after school and the drink served with dinner.

A while ago I cut out most of my milk drinking and replaced it with Soy milk. Of course now I am told that soy milk MIGHT be bad… mostly it’s one famous doctor who says soy milk is bad, and even though I have not seen any concrete evidence, the anti-soymilk campaign moves onward. That’s okay, because Almond milk tastes great and so does Oat milk… but I’m sure someone is already writing me an email to tell me the evils of these milks also.


What I want to tell you is shocking…

I had no idea. Honestly. And I like to think that I am “in the know” about a lot of things.

Yes… I did know that dairy is loaded with fat and cholesterol. That is why I limited my intake of it, reasonably.

About a week ago my wife said she had been talking to a friend of her’s and that the two of them had decided to go a week off of dairy. They wanted to know if I would join them.

She had some printed pages that touted all the health benefits, but without a moments hesitation I agreed to join them.

I grabbed the best dairy free cookbook I could find (it is Super Cheap) and I was ready to begin.  Of course I ate a good deal of dairy on the weekend leading up to the Monday we began the 7 days of no dairy.

I wondered how great would I feel after a week of no dairy? Or perhaps nothing would seem different and 8 days later I would be enjoying a piece of cheese.

Mmmmm  Cheese….


Giving up dairy was about as hard as I expected for the first couple of days. By the end of day two I was feeling pretty ill, which is out of the norm for me. Honestly, ever since I flipped my life upside down with the law of attraction I have become a high energy and healthy kind of guy.  The kind of guy who always feels great.

Day three, instead of rolling out of bed with enthusiasm and excitement for the day ahead, I woke up feeling more tired than I was when I went to bed.

In fact, I felt groggy and brain foggy all day.

I’ll skip the day-to-day play-by-play, and tell you that for seven days straight I have felt terrible, in different ways. I can’t concentrate… I am experiencing headaches, which is something I never have.

I don’t have the deep down energy, and I tire easily. My stomach is bloated and I am retaining water.

My skin has broken out in three different kinds of rashes in three different places on my body. In general I am itchy… and honestly I am cranky. Strange emotions are coming up… anxiety and anger, which I have not felt in many… many years.

I am even late on the 11 cent sale I promised all of you…. because of this brain fog and lack of energy.

Long story short, going off dairy cold turkey causes the body to go into a detox. When I search online I find claims that going off dairy for one week will cause an entire gallon of mucus to exit your body. Obviously, things are not always pretty.

Today it is 10 days later, and I don’t have any desire to go back. Food tastes great without dairy. It seems that at the 10 day mark, for me at least, the cravings have mostly subsided.

Check out the HUGE list of Dairy Free Foods on Amazon.  It’s crazy.

Now many of you know that I quit smoking cold turkey the day my son was born. I was in the room with my wife and waiting for our little baby boy to be born, and I really needed a cigarette. The moment he came out and I cut that cord, I KNEW RIGHT THEN I would never smoke again, because I wanted to be around to see my son grow up. Even though I was a bar tender back then, and I worked around smokers who all tried to taunt me into picking the habit back up (many smokers can’t stand ex-smokers among them) It is a promise that I have always kept. As a matter of fact, it was Aug 1st, 1999 when I stopped smoking… 9 years and 12 days and counting….I CAN HONESTLY SAY…QUITING DAIRY IS HARDER THAN QUITING CIGARETTES


My body never went through this kind of hell when I quit smoking. Sure, I have cravings… and it was difficult… but I didn’t get bad breath, skin rashes, headaches, lack of energy, bloating, water retention, and a host of other not-so-pleasant physical problems.

The only craving I have is for cheese. I LOVED CHEESE. Now I know why…


Cheese is actually physically addictive… no kidding. I must have missed the Surgeon Generals Warning label on the block of cheese.


Check this out:

So here is an excerpt from an article in the Orlando Sentinel July 13 2003:

Of all the potentially addicting foods, cheese may be the most complex. In research studies using vegan and vegetarian diets to control cholesterol or reduce body weight, most participants soon forget the lure of ice cream, sour cream, and even burgers and chicken. But for many people, the taste for cheese lingers on and on. Yes, 70 percent of its calories may come from waist-augmenting fat, and, ounce for ounce, it may harbor more cholesterol than a steak. But that cheese habit is tough to break.Why is cheese so addicting? Certainly not because of its aroma, which is perilously close to old socks. The first hint of a biochemical explanation came in 1981, when scientists at Wellcome Research Laboratories in Research Triangle Park, N.C., found a substance in dairy products that looked remarkably like morphine. After a complex series of tests, they determined that, surprisingly enough, it actually was morphine. By a fluke of nature, the enzymes that produce opiates are not confined to poppies — they also hide inside cows’ livers. So traces of morphine can pass into the animal’s bloodstream and end up in milk and milk products. The amounts are far too small to explain cheese’s appeal. But nonetheless, the discovery led scientists on their search for opiate compounds in dairy products.

And they found them. Opiates hide inside casein, the main dairy protein. As casein molecules are digested, they break apart to release tiny opiate molecules, called casomorphins. One of these compounds has about one-tenth the opiate strength of morphine. The especially addicting power of cheese may be due to the fact that the process of cheese-making removes water,lactose and whey proteins so that casein is concentrated. Scientists are now trying to tease out whether these opiate molecules work strictly within the digestive tract or whether they pass into the bloodstream and reach the brain directly.

(some paragraphs about chocolate addiction snipped)

The cheese industry is miles ahead of them, having gone to great lengths to identify people who are most vulnerable to addiction. It dubs them “cheese cravers,” and tracks their age, educational level and other demographics so as to target them with marketing strategies that are tough to ignore. With a $200 million annual research and marketing budget, the dairy industry is not content to have you just sprinkling a little mozzarella on your salad. It is looking for those Americans who will eat it straight out of the package, whatever the cost to their waistlines or cholesterol levels.

At a “Cheese Forum” held Dec. 5, 2000, Dick Cooper, the vice president of Cheese Marketing for Dairy Management Inc., laid out the industry’s scheme for identifying potential addicts and keeping them hooked. In his slide presentation, which was released to our organization under the Freedom of Information Act, he asked the question, “What do we want our marketing program to do?” and then gave the answer: “Trigger the cheese craving.” He described how, in a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the dairy industry launched Wendy’s Cheddar Lover’s Bacon Cheeseburger, which single-handedly pushed 2.25 million pounds of cheese during the promotion period. That works out to 380 tons of fat and 1.2 tons of pure cholesterol in the cheese alone. A similar promotion with Pizza Hut launched the “Ultimate Cheese Pizza,” which added an entire pound of cheese to a single pizza and sold five million pounds of it during a six-week promotion in 2000. The presentation concluded with a cartoon of a playground slide with a large spider web woven to trap children as they reached the bottom. The caption had one spider saying to another, “If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings.”

I am sharing this with you because I care. I wish someone had told me how harsh detoxing could be.

I wish someone had told me how addictive Cheese can be.  Or even mentioned the morphine compound found inside.

I’m the kind of guy who turns down pain pills, even after a surgery…

I never knew I was ingesting Morphine with my cheese and crackers.

So if you decide to clean your body up… and want to cleanse yourself without all the horrible side-effects that I have had… you really need to READ THIS NOW.

Overwhelmingly I support the Master Cleanser if you want to purify your body.  (It’s just three bucks too!)

Me… I just made a split second decision to join my wife and her friend…  I decided to make myself the subject of an experiment if you will…

For those of you wondering about my wife and her friend. YES… they had a rough ride also, including migraine headaches (much worse than mine), irritability, skin breakouts (body acne), and emotional instability (although don’t tell my wife I pointed that out… at least not until she is over the detoxing)

And that is what they cared to share… most people are not as forthcoming with their dirty details like I am. What can I say… I try to live my life like an open book… for all to see, observe and hopefully learn from my mistakes.

Oh yes… there has been a positive thing about this diary detox so far…. I have lost 5 pounds even though I feel like I am eating more than usual, and my wife has lost 4 pounds.. her friend didn’t offer up any weight related conversation.

SO… if you want to go off dairy please don’t let this scare you. Instead, just do it slowly. If I had known then what I know now, I would have simply cut my intake of dairy items down over a 2 – 3 week period and went off it slowly.

Knowing what I know now… I just can’t bring myself to ingest anything dairy.

Wishing you the best day,


  1. Dr. C

    Excellent research, John. And you are right about all the nay-sayers being so quick to point out the harmful effects of this healthfood or that healthfood. Our bodies are the best barometers of what is or isn’t good for us, but when they are toxic or numb from years of ingesting food additives, we stop responding when our body sends a message. Keep up the good work!

  2. Author
    John Derrick

    Thank you Dr C. for your words of encouragement.

    I appreciate your insight.

  3. Gillian A

    Hi John,

    That was scary reading that but I bet you will be feeling amazing soon, do you use “alternative” milks, like soy instead now?
    I have been thinking about going off dairy as I am a bit sensitive to it but I love my cereal with milk! I must admit though I have found a soy milk that I can drink by the glass which does not taste like someone has put the carton in a blender!!!

  4. Linda

    wow that was an amazing article and I was shocked to hear of traces of morphine in cheese…its like the old coke a cola with the additive of cocaine…..but I feel that all the info should be open knowledge for the people…it is sad that the almighty dollar and sales come before the health and well being of humanity……..Linda

  5. Jami Leigh

    Our family has been off milk since January. My 8yr old daughter was a border line diabetic, when the doctor decided to do some allergy testing. We found that she is beyond highly allergic to milk. Within two weeks of being off the milk her glucose/insulin levels were perfectly normal and she felt better than ever. Since cheese was her life joy I told her I’d get off too to make her feel better. In a week my 5yr struggle with an “ulcer” was over. I’d been to numerous gastroenterologists trying to get it under control and here it was the milk that was causing it! With such good results we took the rest of the family off and my 10 yr old’s eczema disappeared!

    The only dairy we all still crave and mourn is the cheese. Now we know why, thanks!

  6. Denise

    I found this page after googling quit dairy-detoxing. I have been off dairy for five days now and am feeling really awful! I guess this is why. I am having a serious case of brain fog as well as lethargy and nausea. I did quit cold turkey because my son was reacting to it in my breastmilk. His eczema is already improving though!

  7. Author
    John Derrick


    Yes, we have Soy milk in our fridge. Silk Vanilla is pretty tasty. I know some people say that soy products are bad also, but if you want a bowel of cereal with milk, the only other choice you have is making almond milk by putting almonds and water into a blender with vanilla for flavor.

    Who knows, maybe someday I will quit the soy milk too… but right now that is what I am doing.

  8. Author
    John Derrick


    Thanks for your comments. I agree… the dollar seems to come before everything in this current system. Even the so-called health care system has degraded away from nutrition and prevention and has become prescription and symptom masking.

    The coca cola thing was before my time but it has always been hard for me to believe…

    Amazing times eh?

  9. Author
    John Derrick

    Jami Leigh

    Wow… that is great! Your whole family has benefited by getting off dairy! Congratulations.

    I also have a little boy who can not have dairy. The first few years of his life were awfully hard on him. He was sick all the time. He never made it a single week without a fever and a illness.

    We took him to doctor after doctor until we eventually found a naturalpathic doctor who took one look at him and his dark sunken eyes and immediately said “let’s take him off dairy” She ran some blood work but before the results even came back we already knew because 2 days off of milk and he was a new person. My crazy little redhead was full of energy, bouncing off the walls and healthy as an ox.

    Of course none of the MD’s even thought to look at that…

    It turns out that his body see’s the Casine in milk as an invader and his immune system works overtime attacking it, which left him worn out all the time and susceptible to catch actual diseases.

    So he is thrilled that I am off dairy with him. In fact, he caught Mom having some diary last night and he was pretty upset. We’ll have to see about mom… but I am done with dairy once and for all!

  10. Author
    John Derrick


    Hang in there, it gets a whole lot better!

    I remember the brain fog and lethargy…. it was pretty intense for about a week to 10 days.

    I had some milk nausea, but nothing like the brain fog.

    I think it is great that you are doing this for your son! Way to go!

  11. Jane

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one – I’ve been off cheese for 6 weeks now – I was eating it 4 to 5 times a day for hypoglycemia and having all of these strange symptoms like dry eyes & mouth, sinus headaches & swollen glands in my neck, numb lips, eczema, nervousness, reactions to foods & cosmetics – then I went over the edge when I developed a swollen esophagus & had trouble swallowing and breathing at times – that’s better now after 6 weeks off dairy – my retired nutritionist determined it was from the cheese – however I’m still having “withdrawal” symptoms – at times my skin burns – even my teeth burn and I seem to have irritable bowel syndrome – can eat nothing with fats – my stomachache is intolerable sometimes heating pad helps – lost 10 lbs – my tongue feels like it’s inside out especially in the morning lots of nervousness where I feel like I need to eat – able to walk & do the tread mill though. At times I feel almost normal – my head is really clear – but at times I feel like I’m going crazy – the eczema spots will burn too – they are turning light pink instead of raging red – the nutritionist says it will take 10 months for everything to clear – I’m off all my vitamins except for acidophilus & buffered vitamin C – can only take a certain brand which I’m out of right now cause of the snow – seems to help with reactions – progesterone cream is ok (I’ve been through menopause), peppermint tea wasn’t good, nor zinc, B6 drops – gave me bad stomachache & insomnia, the calms homeopathic I picked up is lactose based – so won’t try it – I’m scared to try chamomile tea – but read it may be a good source of antihistamine – scared to take the “big guns” like Benadryl, Tylenol, or Milk of Magnesia. The nutritionist says I have to “tough” it out – he’s retired & we’re doing this over the phone from another state – wondering if I should go see someone else. I go back to work in another 10 days & would like to have something when I feel nervous, weak, stomach hurting, insomnia, skin burning – inside & out at times. Any ideas?

    1. Zloduska

      I think this is an old thread but I have to say: sounds like you need to cut out wheat/gluten as well. I get sick from dairy but I was diagnosed with celiac disease first. SO SO SO much sounds like you are gluten intolerant- many of your symptoms sound just like mine when I have wheat. Oh, and ginger and aloe juice help my stomach a lot.

  12. Nev

    Great article!
    I’m attempting to cut dairy out of my diet, and so far…half so good. I had no problem with milk, I never really liked milk except in my coffee but I got used to soy in it, and now 4 months later, I would never go back to drinking milk. I rarlely ever eat ice cream or sourcream, or butter, so that wasn’t the problem I had to target…now my big issue is cheese. A few weeks ago, I decided to stop buying CHEESE, (i did not stop eating it though) , And reading that article actually REALLY shocked me. It also sort of angered me that I was ingesting such an addictive componount without consenting, or knowing. Shows the research we have to make about the food we consume. Now that I know, I feel like I don’t even want to know anything about cheese anymore, ironically, instead of making me feel like ‘i’m physically addicted and cannot do this’, it just makes me feel completely turned off by the thought of ingesting it again. Let’s hope it stays like that.

  13. Angie

    Thanks for the article. I too went through horrible dairy detox over 1.5 years ago and have been off dairy ever since except for a couple of “challenges” just to be sure dairy was a problem. Nasty ibs and a doctor’s suggestion is what sent me in that direction. Boy was withdrawal a pain! Burning scalp, headaches, insomnia, palpitations, vivid scary dreams when I did sleep, sweats, mood swings, fog, rash, and just terrible cravings for CHEESE. Every now and then I sorta miss dairy ice cream, but it is cheese that tempts me the most. Coconut ice cream is an excellent replacement, but there is no “fake” cheese I have found that even comes close to the real thing. I guess I will always be a recovering cheesaholic : )

  14. Jez

    Well I am on day 8 of my no dairy, AND no wheat decision!!! I just wanted to give a different view: I decided to get off dairy and wheat because I suspect a life-long food allergy is at the root of my life-long ear-nose-throat infections and chronic allergies year-round. From day 2 I have consistently felt a HUGE INCREASE IN ENERGY, my SKIN is calm and clear, and I am SO excited to see my chronic BAGS UNDER MY EYES reducing! I have been getting a clear signal from my body that THIS FEELS GOOD and is right. It has been a bit challenging to find a totally different food menu, but I am a huge fan of HAZELNUT MILK. I have had nothing but immediate positive reactions to the detox; the only annoyance (but reassuring at the same time) is MASSIVE NOSE BLOWING all day, as well as productive chesty hacking: the snot is leaving!!! YAY!
    Also, if you think you might miss your caseomorphine fix, I can think of many alternatives!!!! :) Munch some poppyseeds and have a polka dotted smile. Good day to all.

  15. Jez

    One more essential thing I forgot to mention: since my no-dairy decision, I have had absolutely NO ALLERGIES, not even a hint or a speck of nose prickles, runny eyes or nose, sneezing, itchy throat: ALL COMPLETELY GONE. Just thick mucus coming out, and clear breathing in between. I AM SO EXCITED. These allergies (leading to chronic colds etc) have plagues me MY WHOLE LIFE. I always thought it was allergies to dust or mold or something in the air. I am so pleased to be able to CONTROL my health.

  16. janet

    I really appreciate your article because I never completed a dairy detox due to the brain fog and tiredness but this time I’m gonna stick it out. I can do it for 10 days if I know it gets better. Thanks!

    recovering cheesaholic

  17. C.

    I too am in day 4 of dairy detox in an effort to cure excema. I’m also cutting out processed sugar, like canned drinks, chocolate, candy, etc… Natural is fine. Withdrawl is hard – very itchy and irratable right now – used to be huge cheese addict, but I already feel better on some counts – almost immediately better digestion and clearer airways. I am going to stick with it – the only thing I will miss is pizza. I discovered my breakfast serial tastes fine with water. Sounds dull, but it’s true. I’m hopeing by day 10 I feel better than now. I’m sure it’s different for everyone , but any comments on how long the widthdawl effects last would be great.

  18. Debbie

    I am a month dairy-free. I found this article near the end of my dairy detox. I thought I was going crazy. I had all the symptoms (vivid, scary dreams, insomnia, daily headaches, rash, lethargy, bouts of severe depression…) but nothing to pinpoint why it was happening. I wouldn’t have imagined that it was the dairy.

    Now, I haven’t had a headache in over 2 weeks. The depression has lifted. I feel great. I’m sleeping well. My acne has completely gone although the excema rash is hanging on…

    It’s really worth the effort to hang on through the whole detox. Avoiding dairy now is easy, as there are tons of replacements for everything. Just be careful buying fake cheese as many say “lactose free” on the package, but have casein in it. The full dairy free ones taste nothing like cheese…

  19. Amanda

    Hi John,

    great page!!! have learned a lot. today is day 2 off dairy. we’ll see how it goes. i’m 40 but have been feeling joint stiffness. i also have a very creaky body that i hope will improve soon. i did not know that this dairy detox could be so bad! i’ve not felt any negatives yet. thanks for your page.

  20. smulla

    I recently was severely congested and had asthma because of the cold weather. I gave up drinking milk this past month and in the process of totally eliminating cheese.

    I feel great the thick clear mucus is coming out of my throat I no longer have asthma, and I feel great. I also am drinking warm water and avoiding soda pop and I have lost 18 pounds and feel great.

  21. sabrina

    Thank you so much for this great insite! I went off 95% of my dairy about 3 weeks ago and was wondering how long before some of the bloating decreases and I see some real results. I read that dairy is terrible for women with menstrual issues as it causes “dampness” in the body. I have replaced dairy with rice milk and coconut milk products. It actually turned out to be quite an easy switch. Once in a while I have some dairy, but it’s about once per week instead of a few times per day. I hope it will improve my health and I will drop some of the water weight! Be well!

  22. Mary

    Thanks for this site John. I cut out dairy cold turkey 10 days ago. The first few days I experienced severe depression and couldn’t stop crying. I was also very anxious and tired and thought I was going to lose my mind. I had eliminated diary to see if I could do it because two people close to me suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and I read a book online by one man who cured his
    RLS by completely removing dairy from his diet. I was wondering if you or anyone else experienced these results? I love Blue Diamonds vanilla & chocolate almond milk. And thanks for the tip about fake cheese and checking for casein. I have really been craving cheese and have been going for the soy fake cheese, but rice cheese is quite tastey too.

    Again thanks to all of you for your feedback. To Our Health!

  23. Amy

    I recently realized my 8 yr old daughter is allergic to dairy. I have taken her off of everything etc. cheese for about a week now. After reading this I really want us all off of cheese but I’m a little afraid of what it will do to my sensitive child. So i’m trying to decide the best way to ‘wean’ us off of cheese. My husband is not going to be happy. LOL

  24. Dee

    I find this all very interesting. I stopped eating dairy four weeks ago and have had no side effects that I can think of. I was surprised though that I haven’t lost a single pound but my pants are practically falling off me.

  25. Becky

    Off dairy for just short of 2 weeks now. Migraines and stuffy-headed. I was just diagnosed with a UTI the day before yesterday! I am thinking there may be a link between the UTI and my lack of diary. Do you think that might be because I went “off” of the antibiotics(given to the cows) in the milk? I have not had a bladder infection since I was pregnant 8 years ago…random? Oh and I lost four pounds!

  26. Garrett Bose

    Oh yes! I am on my 3rd day off from dairy! It is HELL! But I am happy to find this article to relate with! Wow!

  27. Linda Clarke - New Zealand

    Wow! I am on day 3 also, as Garret above – I came on the computer to look up ‘dairy withdrawal symptoms’ because I feel so rotten! It is great to read that so many people share the experience of a difficult detoxing time, so it’s not just me! I have a continuous headache and don’t ever normally get them. I feel irritable and that is not usual. My body is calling out for something and I can’t figure out what to give it!! Interestingly though, the milk and cream I just love is actually raw…not pasteurised or homogenised and is from basically an organic herd. I guess what it all boils down to is that humans were not meant to ingest what should be food for calves! I’ve loved all things dairy for so long, but that’s it!!

  28. Sarah

    I see this article is two years old, but someone else commented two days ago, so I feel okay in doing so as well. :)

    I have suffered from chronic sinus problems for years now. I’ve kind of given up on doctors, although I do see one regularly, and have turned to books. Two of the books I’ve read so far recommended eliminating dairy, so I decided to go for it. It’s day 4 and I haven’t had this much energy in such a long time! I do feel bloated and gassy, but I feel like stuff in my sinuses is finally moving. I didn’t really drink milk, but I like cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream. It hasn’t been that hard to do, just to remember to be aware of what I’m eating. I have accidentally eaten a little bit in these 4 days, but I’m working on it. I hope I don’t go through the fatigue, but if I do it’s really what I’ve become used to and it will pass! Thanks for the article!

  29. Frances

    Thank you so much for this article John, especially for addressing the emotional withdrawal effect from dairy. I have been off dairy for five days now and the past few days have been brutal. I have been an emotional basket case, feeling very depressed and almost suicidal at times. It is great to know that this probably has everything to do with the lack of dairy in my diet – not anything else! Phew. I thought I was going insane. Thanks again.

  30. Louise

    Thank you so much for this article John, especially for addressing the emotional withdrawal effect from dairy. I have been off dairy for five days now and the past few days have been brutal. I have been an emotional basket case, feeling very depressed and almost suicidal at times. It is great to know that this probably has everything to do with the lack of dairy in my diet – not anything else! Phew. I thought I was going insane. Thanks again.

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