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Law of Attraction

Why People Live In The Past And Not The Present

We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are. -The Talmud If you truly understand the Law of Attraction, then you understand that everything and everyone around you was attracted to you by vibrations. This truth requires more study than merely watching The Secret . The word vibration was removed …Continue reading

Bob Proctor Offers You 7 Free Lessons From SGR (Science Of Getting Rich)

Bob Proctor, The Host of The Secret, Talks About The Law of Attraction and The Bran New SGR (Science of Getting Rich) Program. (2 mins) Claim Your 7 Free Lesson’s From Bob Proctor CLICK HERE Bob Proctor is possibly the biggest proponent of the Law of Attraction today. He has been a personal teacher to …Continue reading

Why Isn’t The Law Of Attraction Working?

I hear this question a lot from people who have watched The Secret. There are a lot of possible answers for this question. For everyone I work with directly, I always ask them a series of questions to find out EXACTLY why it isn’t working for them and I then tell them the specific things …Continue reading

Trying To Control Your Own Thoughts

If you have recently watched “The Secret“, or read Esther Hicks great book: “Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires“, then you may be brand new to the idea that your internal world (thoughts and feelings) are creating your external word. Many of the people I have introduced to this concept find …Continue reading

The Secret – Extended Edition & Abraham – Hick’s DVD

The Secret (Extended Edition) Those of you who know me, know that I have been predicting global consciousness to begin rapidly evolving as we close in on the year 2012. It is my firm belief that the hugely successful move, “The Secret” is the largest sign that the population is ready to begin the journey …Continue reading

Most Of Us Are Living Our Life’s Backwards

The Law of Attraction, as seen in the movie “The Secret”, and written about in dozens of books, teaches us that thoughts are changing and creating what happens to us in the world. If you thinking about how sick you are then you will be attracting more illness into your life. If you are thinking …Continue reading

Money Is NOT Evil

I was speaking with a man yesterday, who told me that his pastor had taught him, that money was the root of all evil. Gary was so convinced that money was in fact the root of all evil, that each month he would pay all his bills and give all his remaining money to his …Continue reading

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