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Monday Motivational: Thomas Jefferson Teaches Us The Power Of Positive Thinking!

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson

Even in 1760 Thomas Jefferson knew that mental attitude is everything. Two people can appear to do the same thing everyday, and yet one of them be hugely successful while the other eventually fails. Outwardly they may appear the same and appear to do the same things, but the difference is what is going on inside of them.

I was talking to someone this weekend whom I introduced to law of attraction, or positive mind power, or whatever label you want to put on it. She had been hopeful and optimistic for a couple of weeks, but when I spoke with her on the phone this Sunday, everything that came out of her mouth was negative and she had no idea.

She was telling me she didn’t have enough money and weather on the west coast was terrible and they froze at a dog show and their dog didn’t win…. and so it went on. I let her speak without interruption to see if she would catch herself at any time. She never did. I may speak to her next week sometime and who knows who she will be. She may be thinking positively, or she may have reverted to her comfort zone of negativity.

I find this common with people who are new to positive thinking. You can’t be positive for a day or a week and expect your whole life to change. It’s a life commitment.

You may think that you will have to watch your thoughts everyday for the rest of your life, and while that is true, I do have some good news.

The good news is this: Anything you do consistently for 2 months, becomes a habit. We all know how hard habits are to break, but we often only think of bad habits. Good habits can be just as hard to break. A habit is just your default mode.

If you smoke a cigarette consistently, every hour of every day, after two months you will have the habit of smoking. Now if you have ever quit smoking, as I did nearly 8 years ago, you know the first few weeks can be extremely hard. But, if you do not smoke a single cigarette consistently, every hour of every day, after two months you will have the habit of not being a smoker. A habit is simply a natural state.

So, if you work hard at being positive, for just 2 months, consistantly every hour of every day, you will develop the habit of thinking positively.

Instead of reacting to habits that form without your intention, why not actively create them for yourself?!

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