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3 Steps To Be Who You Want To Be

Did you know that you can be whoever you want?

It is true, and I am going to share with you EXACTLY how to do it.  This is 100% successful when applied correctly, and 100% free of charge.

Most people feel like they are who they are and that there is no changing that.  It’s not true.

Sure, you can believe that, and choose to never change and it will be true, but you COULD change if you wanted too.

I know many people want to change things about themselves, but they are caught up in habits and have gotten used to a way of being, but that can all be changed with the power of “make believe”.

Shakespeare had it right when he said ”  All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players

We all play roles everyday.  Some of the roles were seemingly thrust upon us, such as being a parent or the boss at a job, while others we chose freely.  We all define how we play each role and we chose our eccentricities.

Most people do not do this unconsciously, and to these people it would appear that they do not have any power over who they are.

But you have to know you selected your friends and those you associate with, and you act a certain way around them because you choose to act that way.  You can suddenly, and without a notice begin to act differently if you so choose.

Who you are is who you chose to be, whether you are aware of it or not.  You may play roles and act certain ways and have specific habits or even work in your chosen field because of outside influence such as your parents.  That was still your choice.

If you do something in life you are not proud of and would like to change, simply redefine yourself.

This applies to anything and everything you do, act, be or say.

For example:  If you do X, and wish to stop doing X, then define yourself as someone who does Y.

Never try to define yourself as someone who never does X, because your focus is still on X and you will certainly do it.

If I tell you to never think of food, the first thing you will think of is food.  If I say never think of beer, the first thing you will think of is beer.

So if you want to stop eating junk food, for example, you would not define yourself as someone who likes junk food but doesn’t eat it.  You could define yourself, using mental imagery and affirmations, as someone who loves health food.

Much like a writer of a fiction novel, you must give your character (in this case you) a defined role, but you also have to give him a reason why.

So now you give yourself a reason why.

WHY do you like eating healthy food?

It can be anything you can imagine, because you are the writer of your own life.

I love eating healthy, it makes me feel good.

I choose to eat healthy everyday.

Eating healthy feels good and makes me happy.

If you REALLY want to cement your new way of being, you then give yourself the right to be Self Righteous.  You simply give yourself the believe that you are better than others because you decide to do Y and everyone who does X is not as good as you.

So in the example of eating healthy, you feel that people who eat junk food are less desirable then you and you would never stoop to their level.  It is beneath you to behave in the way that they do.  You eat healthy because it feels good and makes you happy, but now it also makes you better than those who do not do it.

Look around the world and you will find people with these beliefs EVERYWHERE in every category you could possibly imagine.  This is how they all got to where they are, even though most of them are not aware of how they got there.

Some…  very few….  actually map it out as I have shared with you here.

Those are the people who write their own lives.

They are people who are where they want to be.

They took responsibility for their own lives and their own happiness and satisfaction and decided to become who they wanted to be.

Will you use this formula to be whoever you want to be or will you pass this by and keep being a victim the rest of your life?


More examples:

Don’t like being lazy?

1st decide to be fit, and someone who exercises.

2nd create a story as to why:   I exercise because it relieves stress, or cures anxiety, or makes me feel good (runners high) or because it gets me outdoors or whatever reason you care to make up.

3rd decide you are better than people who do not exercise and get to the point where you don’t understand how those people can even exist the way they do.

Do those three things successfully and you will never be a lazy couch potato ever again.

REMEMBER: It is your choice.  I am not here to judge.  I don’t care if you are a couch potato or someone who exercises daily.  I truly don’t care and I am not suggesting either route to you.  I am merely showing you examples of how you can apply this method to change anything about yourself you desire.

SIDE NOTE: you may think that being self righteous is a negative attribute to have.  I understand.  I truly do.  But it is the cement that makes your decision permanent.  If you decide to be someone who does Y instead of doing X, you can never go back to doing X when you define your personality as someone who does Y and is better for doing it.

You might be worried about how other people will view you if you decide to do Y all of a sudden when you have been doing X for so long.  Or you might be worried about being viewed as someone who is self righteous.

My question to you is this:  “For whom are you living your life anyway?” Are you living your life for yourself or for others?  Who lives with the consequences of your actions?  YOU DO.  Why on earth would you spend your life being controlled by others when you have complete control to do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be?

Stop letting others opinions guide the path of your life and you will find happiness and fulfilling life.

LASTLY:  You can apply this 3 step approach to anything.  Alcoholism, smoking, weight loss, money, wealth, any bad habit, anger, abuse, guilt, anxiety….  anything you want to change.

This information can allow you to change anything you want in your life.

So are you going to use this or just let it slip away?

– John Derrick



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