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Taking Personal Responsibility

The first, and often the hardest step you need to take in order to create the life you desire, is to take responsibility for your life as it is. In order to do this, you must stop blaming others. It’s not you parents fault, or the governments fault, or whomever else you want to blame for your problems. Stop blaming your children or your Ex, or God, and start making changes now to fix what needs fixing.

(Finding out exactly what needs fixing in your life can be another problem entirely. The reason I created a way to do this in the first chapter of Your Secret Course is because most people have no idea what it is in their life that is broken. In fact, I had to be tricky to get people to make a list in order to bypass the filtering that often takes place in the mind when asked the simple question: “What do you really want in life?” But that is a completely different subject entirely.)

You are the creator of your life. You are the only one who must live with the consequences of your creations. No one else… just you.

With that said, I have to wonder why it is that so many people readily hand over control of their lives to others. No one cares as much about you as you. No one can make you safer or richer or smarter except you. Sure, you can purchase information on how to get wealthy, but only YOU can act to make it happen.

The ultimate responsibility of how your life turns out rests with you.

Don’t expect the government to make you safe. Safety comes from within. Nothing outside of you cares more dearly about your safety than you do. Don’t expect other people to make you feel loved. Love is a feeling that comes from within, and if you don’t love yourself no one else will be able to make you feel the love that you crave. Don’t expect anyone else to make you rich, no one cares more about your need for money than you, and no one is going to take action on your part.

If YOU are not happy with your life, than YOU must make some changes.

You can either benefit for your decisions or be hurt by them. The choice is yours.

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