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The Law of Attraction – Positive Creation

The Law of Attraction has set me free in a way that most don’t seem to understand.   You see, I don’t JUST use the law of attraction to manifest money, or health, or things.  I use it to create my of attraction

Let me explain with a real world example of something that is taking place right now.

I always receive a lot of emails from people who are on my Newsletter and who read this blog, but lately I see one question coming up more and more, so I thought I would address it publicly.

The question goes something like this:

“John, why aren’t you talking about the bad economy?  The stock market crash? What are you going to do?”

I don’t want to upset anyone or give the impression that I don’t care.  I do care!  In fact, it is because I care about all of you that I don’t write about negative things on this blog or in my weekly newsletter.

At first, when I began practicing the law of attraction I realized that what I thought (and FELT) about most, was what showed up the most in my life.  If I worried about lack of money, I would usually find a reason each month to end up with a lack of money.  Obviously the same principles apply to every other area of your life, but money is what seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.

That was a good start for me, but years later I developed advanced law of attraction tools that allowed me to manifest changes in my life at tremendous speeds.  It’s amazing how fast things can change (weight can go up or down… money can rush in or rush out) using these tools, so it became even more important to try to focus my thoughts on what I wanted most and to mostly ignore that which I wanted to disappear.

But now I live the law of attraction even deeper.  I see the law of attraction as the ultimate freedom.  When you live your life through the law of attraction at the deepest level, you are living a life that CREATES.  Creation is the highest form of expression.

Let’s contrast that with how I used to live my life, and how many people are living today.

The stock market goes up, and you REACT to it.  You get happy.  The stock market goes down, and you get sad. IF the market continues down, you began to be scared.  You are fearful of what is to come.

Is that freedom?  I say NO!  Reacting to things around you and giving up all your power to create the world around you is slavery!  That is a life similar to a rat in a maze that reacts to the stimuli given to it by forces outside of the maze.

The choice is clear.  You can either:

1)  React to the world around you.  In this mindset you have no control over your own life.  You run around reacting to things happening outside of you.  How you feel and what you do with your life is completely chosen for you by other people.  You are emotionally and physically a slave to a world outside of your control.


2) You create your day each morning before you even get out of bed.  You expect pleasent surprises during your day and you usually get them.  You create your own economy and KNOW that everything will always be fine.  You create the world around you and you are in control.

Most people are living choice number 1, and then they want to use the law of attraction to fix a problem in their world.  Most of the time, even though they chose to live choice number 1, they can use the law of attraction (once they understand how it really works) to fix the problem that they set their mind to.

So, for example they may focus on brining in an extra $1,500 a month.  Yep, they manifest that using the advanced law of attraction tools that they discovered in My Secret Course, but then they go on living a life of fear and low and behold they find a reason for that $1,500 a month to suddenly not be enough.

The specifics are always unique to the person, but if you use the law of attraction to manifest just one thing, and continue to live a reactive fear-based life, you will sabotage  yourself most of the time.

So if anyone is wondering why I don’t talk about bad things, it’s because I KNOW good things are always heading my way.  Not just because I am ignoring bad things, but because everyone has a seperate personal economy.

No matter what “bad” happens in the world, you can either react to it negatively, or create abundance from it.

For example:

When gas prices were soaring, most people focused on how much money they were spending on gas.  They became upset and started to worry about the future.

Instead, I thought to myself…. boy, I wonder how I can get better gas mileage so it doesn’t effect me.  Sure enough, I find out a LOT of ways to bring my gas bill WAAY down!  Next thing I know, I am spending less on gas after the prices went up than I was before, because I was now using a lot less gas.

Then I decide to share that information with all of you because I want you to save money on gas also.  I barely charge anything for the ebook collection so everyone can benefit.  (Increase Gas Mileage 11 Cent Sale Can Be Seen Here)

At the time there was only a few hundred people reading this blog and I had just began my newsletter (Now there are close to 1,300 people subscribed to my newsletter alone) so only 62 people benefited from my gas mileage books back then.   Today I am sure the number would be much higher, but I still got to help 62 people out, which is certainly better than none.  Helping people makes me feel good.

So gas prices went up, and instead of reacting negatively, I created money savings for myself and a feel good feeling from helping others save money also.

Oh yeah, I also made a little money from those sales also.

Do you see the difference?

I wish you the very best in all aspects of your life and I hope that you choose to be a creator instead of a reactor.  Don’t just use the law of attraction in one or two areas of your life.  Instead practice living in a state of positive creation, where you expect nothing but the best to come to you and those you love.

Best Wishes,

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