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The Law of Attraction – The Dark Side

I have to admit, the law of attraction stung me today and it’s all my fault.

Law of AttractionYou see, just because I wrote a best selling course on the Law of Attraction, doesn’t mean that I am immune from mistakes of my own!  I find it a bit funny though, since I covered this specific topic inside that course.

Here’s what happened,

Yesterday my family ran out of milk (soy milk of course, since I am still off dairy) so after getting my youngest son off to school I decided to ride my bike up to the grocery store.  The sky was clear and the sun was out and even though it was cool outside, the crisp cold of fall had not yet hit.

Everything went fine… I rode to the store and got the milk, put it in my backpack and rode back home.  It was a nice ride and it really got my heart pumping and the blood flowing.

So today, I decided I would ride even further and go to the City Hall where I can drop off my ballot at the official voting box.  But today’s ride went very different.

Today, I thought to myself “Boy, this is a long ride.  Imagine if you had to walk this far.  I wonder how long it would take?”

Now I KNOW that when you find yourself having thoughts that are not in alignment with what you desire, you need to COUNTER those thoughts with thoughts that ARE in alignment with what you desire.

But instead, with legs pumping and blood flowing, I continued to think about how long of a walk this would be.  “Boy, if your bike broke down I wonder how long it would take for you to walk back?  Couple of hours at least I bet.  Walking is good exercise though, but I don’t have time for a two or three hour walk.  Hmmm…  except for hiking in the mountains I bet I’ve never walked this far.”

Up ahead I see a bunch of glass on the road and get the thought “Oh no… What if you get a flat tire?”

Now this time, I recognized the negative thought and like I normally do, I countered it with thoughts that were in alignment with what I desired.

I thought “(1) There is no way I am going to get a flat tire.  (2) I avoided all the glass by riding around it.  (3) Besides, I have tire liners inside these tires and (4) that green slime that seals small leaks”

I inserted the numbers above to show you how I had 1 negative thought, which I countered with 4 thoughts that brought me back into alignment with what I really wanted… which is this case was having tires that were in perfect condition.

Negative thoughts, or thoughts that are not in alignment with what you desire, ARE GOING to pop into your head.  There is nothing you can do about that.  It’s important to realize that you are not your thoughts.  You are in charge of choosing which thoughts to act on.

So when a negative thought enters you mind, simply counter it with thoughts that are in alignment with what you desire.  This is just one of the many tricks you have to master the law of attraction and keep your life going in the direction that you desire!

But somehow I allowed myself to go back to thinking about how long of a walk it would be as I got near City Hall.  I thought about how my wife, who is much more likely to go for a long walk than me, has not even walked beyond the grocery store.  She had never walked to city hall.

“I bet there are five or six bus stops on this main road alone, between our house and city hall.  Heck I even passed a park and ride along the way.  This would be a long walk indeed.” I thought as I pedaled my 21 speed.

I am sure you already know what happened next.

YES…  the bike broke JUST as I pulled into City Hall.  The way in which it broke was pretty dramatic.  The rear derailer (which shifts the gears) somehow managed to get stuck into the rear wheel, which not only brought me to screeching halt, but managed to bend the rear wheel, break out several spokes and completely rip off the derailer in the process.

So there I was…  standing in front of City Hall, only feet away from the official Vote Drop Box….  and I knew I was going to have to walk all the way home.

Now walking home I had plenty of time to reflect on how this was caused.  I knew I had thought about this long walk almost the entire ride.  Of course my bike broke… what did I expect?

Now to someone who does not understand the law of attraction, they would say “What a strange coincidence” and then go on with their day.  Not realizing that these “coincidences” are created by the thoughts.

So on my loooong walk back I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be neat if someone I knew happened to see me and gave me a ride”.

Without my wanting it to, my mind answered back with “Almost everyone is at work at 1:30pm, so that is not very likely John.”…

But now I was back on my game.  I recognized that thought for what it was and I countered with “Yes… but wouldn’t that be strange.  Wouldn’t it be a strange coincidence if someone who lived on my very street saw me walking and offered me a ride”.

I wanted to walk a good ways just to see how it felt.  I could always use the exercise, and it was a nice day.  Still, I knew I had work that I wanted to do at my home office and I wanted to manifest a ride because I knew that I had manifested the crash in the first place, so it felt like a challenge.

I continued to imagine myself getting a ride from someone as I walked.  I wasn’t specific, I just imagined myself stepping up into the dark non-descript van and getting a ride.  I did this for at least another half hour when I suddenly heard someone shouting my name from a gas station that I was walking past.

“Hey John.  Hold on one minute and I’ll give you a lift” he said.

It was my neighbor Bob of all people.

The timing was perfect, because I had been walking for a long time and only had about a mile left to go, so I had gotten plenty of exercise already.

He was just entering the door to the convenience store at the gas station.  I walked up to the door and he came out and greeted me.

“Hey John,  How are you?”” asked Bob

“Doing well” I replied.  Which was true, I was doing well.  Exercise lifts my mood and always makes me feel better.  I was also having that great feeling you get when you see the law of attraction manifest something you have desired.

“Good timing seeing you on my way home,” Bob says.  “Gives me a chance to show you my new Van”.

Yes — Bob had just bought a new dark blue mini van.  I almost burst into laughter.  Instead I politely thanked him and his wife for the lift.

Here I had been visualizing myself stepping into a dark van, and yet I didn’t know anyone who even owned a dark van.    That detail never crossed my mind.

Bob had always driven a Mid Sized white car for all of the five years that I had known him. Today, he happens to be on his way home with his brand new dark van.   A dark van just like the one I had imagined coming to pick me up.

What a neat “coincidence”!

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