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It Is John Derrick’s Birthday! Guess His Age And Win A Prize.


Yes, it is time for another birthday.

So Guess How Many Years Young I will Become On Sunday the 17th

Simply hit the link to leave a comment on this post, and take a guess at my age, and if you are the first one to get it right, you will win a prize.

HINT: I am between 18 – 100 years old.

The Prize is an unopened  bottle of Acuity Brain Formula from The Brain Evolution System, which I reviewed here.

This Bottle Was Given To Me From Brain Evolution.

It is supposed to help you think clearer and improve your memory.

So please take a moment, and simply type in your guess in my comments area.  The winner will be announced in next weeks newsletter.

I will contact the winner and ask for your shipping address then, so I can mail you your prize.  Yes, shipping is on me.

One guess per person please.

PS-  Keep your eyes peeled on your mail box if you are a member of my weekly newsletter, because I am going to have a BIG surprise for you coming VERY soon (hopefully next week).

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