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Warning: Daily Affirmations Can Actually Cause More Harm Than Good! Learn Secret Ingredient That Makes Affirmations Work For You.

Think Positive - Law of Attraction AffirmationsDo Affirmations work?

Yes and No.

Can they actually backfire?

Yes. Let me explain:

The two most powerful times to use a daily affirmation is when you first wake up before you get out of bed, and the last thought you have just before you go off to sleep. Those are the best times to program your subconscious mind. Certainly, the more times each day the better, but those two times pack the most impact.

Now, let’s say that your affirmation is “My body is completely healthy and lean” and it’s  the first thing you say every morning and the last thing you think before you drift off to sleep each night.

Will these words make you healthy and lean?


Words have no power in the law of attraction. If you say that you are healthy and lean everyday it will have no attraction power by itself. None. Zip. Zero. You might as well say you are the king of Egypt for all it matters.

It is the feeling that activates the attraction. Feeling is the vibration that goes out from you into the universe and actively attracts to you. Hollow words with no feelings attached have no power whatsoever.

So to make an affirmation have any power at all, you have to have to FEEL that which you are saying. In the example above, many people who are overweight will affirm that they are thin, but inside they are FEELING even fatter as they say the affirmation because they know it is a lie. Day in and day out, the affirmation is resulting in the FEELING of being fat, so you are in essence attracting more of being fat, not being thin. Thus, the affirmation backfires completely.

The universe does not speak English, Spanish or any other spoken or written language. The universe runs completely on vibration. Vibrations in you are powered by feelings. So if you want to have or be something, you have to vibrate at that level. Words are completely unnecessary to the universe, but they can be helpful for you to get you into that state of vibration.

If you can feel thin, without any words at all, then consider that your daily affirmation. IF you need words to make you feel thin, then use the words, but remember it is the feeling that counts. Pay attention to what you are feeling when you say the affirmation.

Remember, all affirmations are to be said (and felt) in the present tense, never the future. For example you never affirm that you are GOING TO BE anything, because what you are putting out into the universe is a constant message of “going to be” , and not actually being or having that you desire. That is never a good place to be stuck.

If you want to be healthy, feel healthy now and be thankful now for your great health. If you want to have money, feel having money now and be thankful for the tons of money you currently have. Like attracts like. You don’t want to attract “Someday being rich” to yourself.

Gratitude is a powerful vibrational feeling, so it can be used to begin almost any affirmation.
Some great examples of affirmations are:

I am so grateful that:
Money comes to be easily and frequently
My life flows through grace and ease
I have the house of my dreams
That universe is supporting me in my every effort

Even more powerful than affirmations is the use of a Manifesting Card. A Manifesting Card combines the power of daily affirmations, with the power of a vision boards, visualization, power of positive thinking, and the gratitude method….

Imagine the power of all those tools rolled into one little card that you can easily put into your pocket…    that is the power of a Manifesting Card.

Using the Manifesting Cards method will dramatically cut down the time it takes for your manifestations to come true.

Daily affirmations DO work, but they can take a LONG time before you see results.  There are many different reasons for this, all of which I cover inside here.

So if you are like me, and you don’t like to wait for the things you want today, I suggest you use the Manifesting Cards method.

Check it out for yourself, Click Here.


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