How to get what you really want from life

How do you get what you really want from life?   This may be the most important question you ever ask yourself.  Whatever you do, do not pass this by unless you are completely happy and fulfilled and living a truly amazing life.

The first step to getting what you really want out of life  is often the step that is missed completely.

This might sound silly, but most people do not sit down with pen and paper and write out what they want out of their life.  Have you?

If not, I highly suggest you do.  Take a moment, sit down and write out what you want from life.  It is okay to start out vague, but you should narrow it down until you are as specific as possible.

If you are like most people you probably have no idea what you want.  One of the things that makes The Secret Course so powerful is that it helps you identify what you want out of life.  What you REALLY want.

Sure, it can be fun to daydream of all sorts of things, but what you really want has to fit in with your family, social and spiritual needs. We all have different needs, wants and desires just like we each have different problems and roadblocks for getting there.

Removing Roadblocks
Inside the Secret Course there is a chapter that will guide you to find all of your hidden obstacles and roadblocks that are preventing you from success.  Until you identify and remove these, no amount of hard work will bring you the success you deserve.

You can’t expect yourself to be happy, fulfilled and living the life of your dreams if you don’t even know what it is that you want from life!

Once you know what it is that you really want from life, and you are 100% certain about it, you now have a roadmap with a destination on it.  You now know where to go and what you want to do, which puts you way ahead of most people in this world.

The hardest thing about finding happiness in life is first knowing what will make you happy.  Now that you know what makes you happy, you simply need to apply the Law of Attraction through Visualization and Affirmations.  The use of powerful tools such as Vision Boards or Manifesting Cards (my favorite).

This is the opposite of how most people approach their problems and their life, and you will have the opposite of their results too.  You will get incredible, amazing and outstanding results when you begin at the end and work your way back.

Funny enough, most kids call this cheating when you are given a maze and start at the end and work your way back to the starting point.  Why?  Because it is so much easier to find your way through the maze this way.  When you already know where you want to go, it is just a matter of working your way backwards to where you are now.

If instead you try to take “babysteps” forward to making your life “better” but have no idea on where you are heading, you will become lost in the maze, along with everyone else.

It is easy to get lost in the maze, which is why I say you skip to the end and work your way back.

That is the fastest and surest way to get from life everything you want.




  1. CactusHeart

    THIS is “the most important thing you’ve ever written”?? I’ve already tried those things you listed, short of buying that secret course…I don’t even have that much in my bank account right now!

    1. Author
      John Derrick

      It is Cactus Heart. But only to someone who is willing to listen.

      Go back and read all the comments you have left here and on Youtube and then realize what it is that you are truly putting out to the world. You and I are obviously on very different paths. What I wrote about here is the opposite of what you are putting out into the world.

  2. Joronda

    CactusHeart, humans are magnets and we can only bring into our lives they things we believe we deserve. Sociey has programed out minds to STOP US getting what we want. We have to lose our attachment to what we have, so we can get something better.

    John is right, we are wanting so many things, but unless we draw up a list of the things that are essential to the life we want to live in the future, we will keep giving all our energy to the things we DON’T WANT ANY MORE.

    Scientists say that we have 55,000 thoughts per day, and that everyone of these thoughts tries to manifest. If we divide our energy by 55,000, the amount of energy available to make a thought happen, is too tiny to turn it’s wheels.

    If we pick out just one thought and pretend with our imagination that it is already happening, we can grow it as a daydream that we keep turning over in our mind every day until it actually happens for real.

    As the most dominant wish, it gets all the energy it needs, we turn our back on the other 54,999 thoughts that we decided to make obsolete.

    When we know exactly what we want, our subconscious minds tap into the magical energies that created the world in 6 days – and our entire being is hypnotised to notice/attract/act on to manifest our dream.

    Jesus said in Bible, “get in behind me so I can’t see you anymore. He was referring to the things in your life that you no longer want.


    Decide what you want, and let your mind become a laser that never wanders from your new goal.

    When God was destroying the two cities of sin, Soddam and Gomorah with fire and brimstone sulphur from the volcanic eruptions, he was trying to emphasize that you must destroy the reasons to remain stuck in the life you no longer need.

    Lot told his wife not to look back, and instead to look towards the next city where they hoped to get before nightfall. But Lot looked back and got turned into a pillar of salt because her mind was still connected to the city she had lived in for so long.

    The way you destroy the reasons is to say thankyou for the help you gave me with my old life, but my new life is different now, and I am moving on new things.

    If you get a divorce, your mind won’t be happy in a new marriage until you say thankyou to your ex for the many good times that you had together. As soon as you forgive those that tresspassed (hurt) against you, you will no longer be living two lives (old/new), stuck a foot in each door. “Shall I stay or should I go?”

    1. Author
      John Derrick

      Beautifully written Joronda.

      I enjoyed reading this very much.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave that comment.

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