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The Biggest Blow Out Self Development & Law of Attraction Event!

This is huge, and it is LIVE RIGHT NOW. This is the BIGGEST thing I have EVER done! See For Yourself…. Use This Link Now: You are going to be absolutely blown away by all the great stuff that I have for you:  CLICK HERE REMEMBER: This Offer Is Only Good For 24 Hours …Continue reading

How To Harness The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief Where did you get your beliefs from?  Did you pick them up along the beaten path of life, or were they given to you by your parents when you were still a child? No matter where your beliefs are from, I challenge you to take a long hard honest look at …Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Both of these sayings apply to the story I am about you tell you. “Be careful what you wish for.” and “You get more of what you focus on.” When you think about something and feel about something, the universe takes it as a wish.  Even if you REALLY don’t want the thing you are …Continue reading

What made you think you could do that?

“What made you think you could do that?” I have heard that question more than once in my life.  I heard it when I decided to write my first book.  I heard it when I decided to quit my job and work from home….  and now I am hearing it because I have decided to …Continue reading

Warning: Daily Affirmations Can Actually Cause More Harm Than Good! Learn Secret Ingredient That Makes Affirmations Work For You.

Do Affirmations work? Yes and No. Can they actually backfire? Yes. Let me explain: The two most powerful times to use a daily affirmation is when you first wake up before you get out of bed, and the last thought you have just before you go off to sleep. Those are the best times to …Continue reading

Desire – The Power of Desire

Desire. Many people are afraid to acknowledge their desires, because they are afraid of disappointment.  Some even attempt to suppress their desires. There is nothing wrong with having desires. In fact, if you didn’t have any desires, you wouldn’t do anything.  It is the desire to be fed the leads you to eat. We all …Continue reading

Readers Write: How Not To Manifest A New Job

John Derrick Answers Questions . To ask me a question, please sign up for my weekly newsletter (don’t worry, I promise you no spam) and then send me your question. I will only use the first name of the person who asks the question, unless I am instructed otherwise in writing. This weeks question comes …Continue reading

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