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How To Harness The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief

subconscious-mind1Where did you get your beliefs from?  Did you pick them up along the beaten path of life, or were they given to you by your parents when you were still a child?

No matter where your beliefs are from, I challenge you to take a long hard honest look at them and see if they are serving you.

Since your beliefs are creating your personal world, it would seem wise to only hang on to beliefs that serve you.

For example, if you believe that life is tough, you will be creating a very tough life for yourself.  You might believe that to be true because your parents had a tough life and you have had a tough life too.

So what?

Who cares what your life has been like before today.   The past is simply the result of previous thinking.

If you do not like having a tough life I suggest you replace that belief!

I believe that things in life go easily and smoothly.  I also believe that I can have anything I put my mind to.

So when I want something, I simply pull out a Manifesting Card, and I focus on the end result of already possessing it.

Then I sit back and watch the universe re-align things in a way to make my wish come true.

How easy is that?

Yes, I sometimes have to take action, and when I see the events align in a way that leads me to believe that I need to take a small easy action I jump at the opportunity because the universe loves speed.

I USED to believe that life was tough.   I replaced that belief and now life is easy.

I USED to believe that “money was hard to come by”, and now money comes in steady and when I need more something suddenly happens to give me the more of what I need.

I USED to feel guilty when I went out spending money, but now I get home and usually find that I earned more than normal that day and like magic the “extra” money I spent is already replaced.

I USED to be unhealthy, and now (You Wont Believe This – Click Here For Details) my health is better than anytime in life, even though I am the oldest I have ever been.  (Of course, so are you at this very moment.)

I highly recommend you change your beliefs if they are working against you.  You can do this with the power of SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS, or SUBLIMINAL AUDIOS, or Daily Affirmations, but if you need someone to walk guide you every step of the way,  you will want to check out the SECRET COURSE.

Best wishes to you in all your future successes.


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