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Using The Law of Attraction For Health Can Have Surprising Results

Health and The Law of AttractionEach night before I go to bed I use my Manifesting Card to shape my personal world around me.  For the last few months, one of the things I have written on my Manifesting Card is a statement where I am thankful for my perfect health.

When I read the card I allow myself to feel healthy.  I imagine myself with a body that is stronger and full of more vigor.

I lay on my back and with my eyes closed, just before falling asleep, I use the Extraordinary Health visualization/meditation As I use this simple technique, I actually feel stronger and feel healthier.

Now most of you who know me know that it was using the Manifesting Cards method that allowed me to shed over 100lbs of unwanted body weight.

Manifesting Cards work, but for health…  I combined the power of Law of Attraction with mind over matter healing and simply relaxed myself to sleep using this meditation

Amazingly, I was able to cure two conditions that doctors told me were “incurable”.

But right now, I am not trying to overcome anything in particular.   I am just using the Extraordinary Health meditation,  even though I am healthy, because I know that without health nothing else matters.

Something Very Unexpected Has Happened…

But first, I want to speak to anyone who doesn’t think that health is the most important aspect in your life.   I have worked with people in the past who thought money was more important than health, but I always begin by asking them what good would 10 million dollars do you if you had a terminal disease that was going to kill you tomorrow?

Money is important, but not more important than your health.

Love is important, but love is stronger, deeper and longer lasting when the people in love are healthy and not suffering from body pains.

Some people crave power.  While this is not one that I can relate to, because the only power I want is power over my own life, I still have to ask the power hungry person what good would all the power in the world do you if you didn’t have power over your own health?

It is my opinion that health needs to come first.

So as I mentioned earlier, I have been doing this for the last few months and I have had a few strange things happen.

Before I share my amazing results, I have to set the record straight:

For the record: I am not making any medical claims nor am I a doctor.  I am just sharing my own personal experience with the world.  I am not trying to diagnose or cure anyone.

Now, with that out of the way, here is my story:

First, I had a doctors exam, and my doctor ran a full panel of blood tests….  Much to both of our surprise –  everything cameblood-test back normal.  Now when I say everything , I mean EVERYTHING.

My white blood cell count, my HDL, LDL, triglycerides, liver enzymes,  RBC, Hct, Hbg, MCV, MCH, RDW, and all the other things they measure (most of which I am never told what they mean unless one or more of them are too high or too low) all came back perfect.

I have been getting blood tests once a year since I was in my twenties and there has ALWAYS been SOMETHING that the doctor wanted to warn me about.  In the past I have had high liver enzymes that made the doctor suspect a fatty liver.  I had a high white blood cell count which led the doctor to think I had some kind of underlying infection.  I have had high “bad” cholesterol  and I even had “low” good cholesterol show up twice.  I have had borderline values in various things that led the doctor to tell me we were going to “keep an eye on that with a followup test in 6 months”.

Here I am, closing in on 40 and my blood test comes back perfect…  EVERYTHING exactly where it needs to be!

For that, I am very grateful and happy.

But last week I had something equally amazing happen.

I started getting headaches and I noticed that it appeared to be coming from my eyes.  When I put my glasses on my vision seemed to be worse than it was without my glasses.

I have been near sighted since I was a child.

I decided it must be time for an eye exam and I suspected that I may need a stronger prescription for my lenses.  It had been at least two years since my last eye exam.

visionI went in and had a full eye exam and to my surprise I was told that my left eye had somehow become nearly perfect and that it no longer needed  a correcting.

My right eye had improved some, but the prescription he wrote for it was so mild that he said he wasn’t sure it would be worth getting glasses for.

This is why things appeared more blurry to me WITH my glasses than it did without my glasses.

I showed him my old glasses and he thought that someone had not done a good eye exam and had incorrectly given me far to strong of lenses.  I tried to reassure him that these glasses used to work great for me but he doubted it possible that eyes would be improving and found it more likely that my previous eye exam, which was done by different eye doctor, was flawed.

So, after three to four months of consistently using the Extraordinary Health Meditation each night just before falling asleep, my health REALLY does seem to be improving.  I feel better and a blood test and even an eye exam seem to back it up.

Skeptics would call it a coincidence or luck.

I like to call it “Creating My Own Luck”.

Needless to say….  I AM VERY EXCITED.

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