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What made you think you could do that?

“What made you think you could do that?”

I have heard that question more than once in my life.  I heard it when I decided to write my first book.  I heard it when I decided to quit my job and work from home….  and now I am hearing it because I have decided to build a 10 foot tall building.

“What in the world has made you think you could build a 10 foot high work shop?”

To which I reply, “What in the world made you think I could not?”

Just because you have never done something before, does not mean that you can’t!  There is a first time for EVERYTHING.

There is a big difference between knowing the law of attraction, and living the law of attraction.

Knowing the law of attraction to many people means trying to feel good and keep a positive attitude.  They may even focus on manifesting something once and a while.

LIVING a life in harmony with the law of attraction, began with the teachings in the Secret Course.   I used manifesting Cards until they became a such an ingrained thing… a way of life for me…  that this is now how I live.

You see, it is true that I have no idea how to build a workshop, but I envisioned myself using this workshop.  Each night I used a manifesting card and FELT grateful for my new workshop.

(Using a manifesting card you work backwards, and begin at the end.  The beginning is being thankful for already having something that you do not yet have.  Feeling yourself having it, attracts or creates it into your life, to complete the circle)

Sooo…..   I buy the wood, and I have the plans, and even though I have NO WAY of knowing HOW this building will be constucted, I DO KNOW THAT IT WILL BE.  That certainty has a calming effect.

You see, the old me would have panicked over the details.  The old me would say “I can never do that”….  but I no longer allow such such limiting thoughts.

One way or another, it will be done.   It took me over a week to build the floor and foundation.  Each time a negative thought entered my mind, I would release it and let it leave as easily as it had come in.

I had no idea that my good friend John was going to stop in from out of town.   It turns out that his wife was out of state with family and he was more than happy to help me erect the walls.

What perfect timing too, because I had just finished the raised floor, and spent a great deal of time getting it level.

Sunday, we were able to erect all four walls.  It was amazing.  My neighbors couldn’t believe how fast we put this thing up.  In fact, we even had time to build the gable roof raters.

What was even more amazing was how much fun we had doing it.  We kept laughing like school kids and having a great time telling stories and catching up.  It didn’t even feel like work.  It all flowed perfectly.

I enjoyed my visit with John, and getting the building up was a great bonus!

Monday I have finished all of the project except for sheeting the roof.

Now I have to admit that the roof seems nearly impossible to nail on, since it is 12 feet in the air and I don’t feel that the rafters are strong enough for me to stand on (I am, and always have been, a large man).

Yes, I could hire someone….   I always could have hired someone, but I wanted the experience of doing it myself.  I am very happy having built the entire building, to hire someone just for the roof.

Here it is Tuesday, and I am set to hire someone when another friend of mine calls me up from down my street.  He offers to come over and help me with the roof today after he gets off work.

I had no idea how it was going to be built, only the certainty that it would.

When you manifest something, think of  it as destiny.  It is destined to be.  The universe will make it so, as long as you don’t hesitate (the universe loves speed) and as long as you are ready and willing to take some form of action.

Keep in mind that whenever you decide to do something new with your life, people will try to stop you.  They can’t see your new vision, and they will try to hold you back.  For various reasons, they like the old you and don’t like the idea of change.

When I decided to write my first book, my own mom said something along the lines of “Why would anyone read what you have to say?”.   She didn’t see me as a writer, and she wanted to keep me the way she saw me.

Don’t let anyone stop you.  I didn’t even allow myself to get angry at my mother for such an insensitive remark, because that would have taken me further off course.  Instead, I kept my vision of helping people and kept writing what eventually became one of the best selling Law of Attraction courses of all time.

Yes, I did have friends who believed in me, and some who even encouraged me to write the book(s) because they saw how much my the law of attraction had changed my life.

A good general rule, however, is NOT to tell others what you are manifesting until AFTER you have manifested it.  This way no one will be working against you .

You can do anything you wan to.
You can be anyone you want to be.

Decide what you want, and go for it.  It’s already yours.


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