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Life Is The Journey, Not The Destination

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I am on a lot of people’s email list these days. Maybe I signed up for all of them or maybe I didn’t. Either way, I am getting a lot of email each day.

A lot of the emails I get are written in a “I’ve made it big and you haven’t” format. It doesn’t seem to matter what the field is, it could be health related, business related or internet marketing related. They all imply that they are where I want to be and unless I hand over X amount of dollars I will never sit where they are sitting.

Most of these emails revolve around money. The author of the email claims to be filthy stinking rich, and he promises to make me rich beyond my dreams if I just pay him $2,500 to learn what he knows. Then I can sit back and relax on the beach drinking fruity umbrella drinks like him for the rest of my life.

Logically I wonder why someone who is so rich would need my small contribution, but that is not my point here.

My Point Is This:

Life is not about the destination. I spent a lot of my life putting things off until I had achieved a goal. For example I put off a lot of things I wanted to do because I was overweight. I put off doing things I absolutely loved because I was waiting to live my life after I had reached a destination.

WAKE UP. Life is happening to you right now!

Life doesn’t start when you are thin, or when you are rich.

Life is what happens along the way to your destination. Once you arrive you will continue to grow and expand in ways you might not imagine now.  You will find new goals to set and new places to go.  You will continue to grow and learn…. and live!

If you become a millionaire, which I fully intend to do, that’s great, but don’t put off living until you are there. Live life now. Enjoy every second. HINT: The more you enjoy your life the quicker you will progress toward your goals.

I would certainly never spend money to watch the only the ending to a movie. When I sit down to watch a movie I want to see the journey. I want to see everything the led up to the ending, or else the ending has no meaning to me.

When people go to a sporting event they want to see the entire game that leads up to the ending. Yes, the end score counts, but it’s the journey to that destination that makes it exciting.

I intend to live my life to the fullest each and every day. I hope you will too.

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